Refraction Railway Stage Overview and Sub-120 Guide


Railway Refraction is Limbus Company’s endgame content for Season 1, lasting for a whole month with amazing rewards like lots of thread, nominable shards, and a free 3* ticket.

As you might expect, the content contained in this mode is difficult, which is why the game requires you to have beaten 3-22 before it gives you access to the event. You will be bringing a full team of 12 different Sinners, not unlike that of a story dungeon run. However, unlike a story dungeon run, any level ups or upties you do outside of Railway Refraction will not be reflected in the node. You will need to finish or forfeit the mode entirely and to try again before the upgrades are also reflected for your Sinners.

This guide will give you a rundown of strategies for each stage as well as recommended Sinners you want to either bring or slot in for Support. Restarting a stage is also highly encouraged if you think you can do even better, or if you think you’re not doing so well in a stage. There is no penalty in continuously restarting until everything lines up perfectly, so use that to your advantage.

Sin affinity table for reference

Recommended identities

Core Identities

With Refraction Railway being a DPS race, these characters are essential to being able to clear Refraction Railway in Sub-120 turns. We recommend having at least one of these identities and borrowing the other, as there are hardly any good replacements. 

  1. R Corp. 4th Pack Rabbit Heathcliff: An absolute monster when it comes to nuking enemies with Quick Suppression, he enables certain strategies such as turn 1 killing Aida in stage 13. Although R Heathcliff is limited by ammo, this is not a huge detriment as you would generally want to clear stages around 6 to 8 turns.

    Heathcliff base EGO Bodysack is a strong single target blunt attack that also grants an Attack Power Up and Haste buff to help set up for your next turn. Bodysack can also be used to stall out turns to save ammo and have Quick Suppression rotate faster.
  2. W Corp. Cleanup Agent Don: One of the hardest hitting identities in the game with her 3rd skill Rip Space. Unlike R Heathcliff, W Don is not limited by ammo but instead requires you to gain 10 charge counts to have Rip Space reach its full damage potential. She is also able to solo stage 6 in 6 to 7 turns.

    W Don truly shines when paired with her gacha EGO Telepole, as when it is used it grants 10 charge counts to herself and to all allies (Heads Hit). This allows her to use Rip Space at turn 2 or 3 and supports other identities such as Reindeer Ishmael.

Top Picks

While not as powerful as W Don or R Heathcliff, these are still very good alternatives to have.

  1. The One Who Grips Faust (Fluid Sac EGO): A great clasher with decent Pierce and Blunt skills. However, her best usage comes from her Skill 2’s Gaze effect that makes Pierce and Blunt attacks even stronger, which can be essential against enemies weak to Pierce like the Town Robot or the Slithering Inquisitor.

    An alternative you can use is Lobotomy Corp. Faust, she comes with strong clashing skills and all of her skills synergize well with Fluid Sac.
  1. G Corp. Manager Corporal Gregor (Legerdemain EGO): G Corp. Gregor has a great support passive in terms of ally sustainability, but is also perfectly capable in battle as well. Not only can he spam Legerdemain, which makes running through Stages 4 and 9 even faster, but he is fully capable of supplying the resources needed for it by himself.

    With Legerdemain being part of the free battle pass (Level 20), we highly recommend grinding for it before attempting to do a sub-120 clear.
  2. Tingtang Gangleader and Kurokumo Hong Lu: We all knew this was coming, both Tingtang and Kurokumo provide too much to be left out. You can choose either one depending on what your lineup needs, Kurokumo for single target/bosses or Tingtang for wave clear.
  3. Seven Section 6 Director Outis: For some of the stages in Refraction Railway, you’ll need a strong clasher to win against powerful skills. Seven Outis is able to fulfill the role of a clasher while providing team utility. It is also important to note that while she is able to apply “Weakness Analyzed” debuff to an enemy, it should not be relied on as the weakness applied to an enemy is random.
  1. Shi Section 5 Ishmael: An often overlooked character that turns into a monster in Refraction Railway thanks to the recent Stagger bar changes. Shi Ishmael has potential below 50% health, but is usually unable to reach said potential due to fights ending too quickly, but now she finally gets to let loose… as long as you never take her off the team.

    The one catch: You need to set her up first. She starts the fight in 100% health, so you’ll want enemies to attack and actually hit her. She’ll probably be staggered once or twice, but as long as she doesn’t actually die but still goes below 50% health, she becomes insanely powerful, especially her Skill 2 that reuses coins if she is below 50% health. Plus, Poise stacking becomes easier on her as well, since her Skill 1 and 2 under 50% health increase the Poise stack she can gain.

Support Identities

Some of these Identities probably won’t be seeing battle at all, but you still want to slot them in your team because of their powerful Support Passives. Make sure they’re uptied to III first though!

  1. Jefe de Los Mariachis Sinclair (4 owned Gloom): One ally with the highest SP deals +10% damage to enemies with lower SP.

    Thanks to the fact that SP carries over between stages, this is easily one of the best Support passives you can bring around. If you have 4 Gloom stockpiled (which you likely will), that’s +10% free damage from one ally every turn. It also works against Abnormalities, and you’re highly unlikely to be below their SP if you win even a single clash against an enemy. Bring him if you can.
  1. Seven Section 6 Director Outis (4 owned Gluttony): One ally with the highest Speed deals +10% damage when attacking a target with a damage type the target is “Weak” or “Fatal” to.

    A slightly worse version of Mariachi Sinclair’s passive. You’ll see this passive do a lot of work against staggered enemies or enemies with broken parts.
  1. Tingtang Hong Lu (5 owned Gluttony): One ally with the highest SP deals +20% damage with Heads Coins.

    A slightly more expensive passive than Seven Outis’s, but well worth it. At 45 SP, you’re getting +20% damage 95% of the time for a single ally which may as well be all the time.
  1. LCB Rodion (5 owned Wrath):  One ally with the highest HP deals +20% damage with Heads Coins.

    Just as expensive and strong as Tingtang Hong Lu’s passive, but actually better as it’s much easier to control the highest HP in a team than the highest SP.
  1. LCB Gregor (3 owned Gloom): At the start of the combat phase, the ally with the lowest HP heals 5 HP.

    Great sustainability for Sinners that need healing. Not a lot to gain per turn, but HP is HP. Probably not a good idea to mix with Shi Ishmael unless you’re okay with using her as a tank if she gets too close to 50% HP.
  1. G Corp Gregor (4 owned Gluttony): The ally with the lowest HP heals 5 HP after winning a clash.

    A great sustaining support passive if you’re using Sinners that have more than one skill slot for a stage in a team (like using 3 or 4 Sinners instead of 5 Otherwise, it’s a worse version of LCB Gregor’s passive. Terrible passive for solo Shi Ishmael strats.


The videos shown in this guide are here to show how the boss fights can play out and are early attempts of learning the stages while using strategies like defense cycling which have been patched. Any damage type and affinities not listed are neutral.

Stage 1: Contract

Strategy: Remember these guys from Chapter 1? They’re back and tankier than ever. Their passive also gets a buff, healing them for 20% of their HP if they’re below 50% HP at the start of the turn. 

Burst them down one at a time. They’re not tough to fight, but they can be a time waster if you don’t know what you’re doing. Unless you’re confident that you can kill multiple enemies at the same time (like with Legerdemain Gregor), don’t let them dip below 50% HP unless you’re going for the kill. They’ll just waste your time otherwise by healing themselves in the next turn.

There are two waves, and they’re all weak to Blunt so bring these types of Identities as your primary attackers. This is also the easiest stage to start maxing out SP and gaining EGO resources, so make sure you finish this stage with full SP and any unit setup (like with Shi Ishmael below 50% HP) complete.

Sinner Recommendations: R Corp. Heathcliff, W Don, G Gregor, Shi Ishmael (if you’re going to set her up for below 50% HP), The One Who Grips Faust

Average turn count: 8


Wave 1 Wave 2
Recollected Awry Soldier x2
Recollected Wallowing Soldier x2
Recollected Overtaken Soldier x1
Recollected Awry Soldier x2
Recollected Wallowing Soldier x1
Recollected Overtaken Soldier x1
Recollected Festered G Corp. H. Manager x1

Resistances and Weaknesses are the same for all enemies in this stage.


  • Blunt, Sloth, and Wrath


  • Pierce, Pride, and Gluttony


Stage 2: Restoration

Strategy: The Mariachis, Crewmen, and Aida herself from Chapter 2 are back! Unfortunately, the glory of pre-nerf 2-18 is long-over, and this stage is actually even easier than the first, since none of the enemies have any healing passive. If you have a good mix of Pierce and Slash Sinners, you can make quick work of both waves of Crewmen and Mariachis.

Unfortunately for G Gregor, Legerdemain isn’t that good here, due to being Blunt. His skills however, are still desired. The Crewmen are weak to Pierce, while the Mariachis (including Aida) are weak to Slash. It’s best to not use EGO skills in this fight, as you’ll need it much more for the next. 

Sinner Recommendations: R Heathcliff and W Don absolutely dominate in this stage, so bring them if you’re able. 

Tingtang Hong Lu, Kurokumo Hong Lu, L Corp Faust, and G Corp Gregor are also really good picks, though you want to use G Corp Gregor’s Skill 1 more due to the enemies also being weak to Gluttony. 

Average turn count: 6


Wave 1 Wave 2
Mariachi Alegre x2
Mariachi Vivaz x2
Threatening Tieque Crewman x1
Mariachi Alegre x1
Mariachi Vivaz x1
Threatening Tieque Crewman x1
Flexing Tieque Crewman x1
Aida x1


  • Slash, Lust, and Gluttony (Mariachi and Aida)
  • Pierce, Lust, and Gluttony (Tieqiu Crewman)


  • Blunt, Gloom, and Wrath (All) 


Stage 3: Sinkage

Strategy: The first new Abnormality that Limbus Company teased before Railway presents itself in the form of a giant toad, and boy, it sure has a lot of health at a whopping 1500 HP. It’s manageable though, so don’t be discouraged. 

Its eyes are its weakness, so you want to focus fire on one of them with Pierce as much as possible. Clash away any scary hits from the toad, but don’t be afraid to let your Sinners tank hits from the toad if it won’t stagger them. Keep an eye out for the skill Eyeball Weight that the toad might use, as winning a clash against it cancels all the toad’s actions for this turn. The faster you can break one of the toad’s eyes, the faster the toad stops being a problem for your Sinners.

Once one of its eyes breaks, the toad’s behavior changes completely. It will exclusively use attacks that only lower your Sinners’ SP but deal no damage. Ignore these attacks and simply focus down the broken eye until the toad goes down. It’s a tanky boss, but not that difficult to beat once you have its gimmick down.

Sinner Recommendations: The One Who Grips Faust can be very helpful in bursting down an eye of a toad, thanks to her Gaze status effect from her Skill 2 enabling other Pierce Identities.

Likewise, Heathcliff’s Quick Suppression being a mix of both Pierce and Envy will make short work of the toad’s eye of your choice. 

Other good choices include: W Don, Kurokumo Ryoshu, Tingtang Hong Lu, G Gregor, and Seven Yi Sang (for his Skill 3, Moulinet, that inflicts Pierce Fragility).

Average Turn Count: 6


Wave 1: Blubbering Toad 

Ignore the Body and just go for the eyes.


  • Pierce, Gloom, Envy (Left Eye)
  • Pierce, Wrath, Envy (Right Eye)


  • All damage types other than pierce (Left and Right Eye)


Stage 4: Reunion

Strategy: The Inquisitors and Guido from Chapter 3 are back with a vengeance. And like in Chapter 3, they’re all weak to Blunt. Really, this stage is just a Blunt check. Make sure you’re packing Blunt Identities and Blunt EGOs (Ideally AoE) to make short work of them.

For both waves, spam your AoE EGOs if possible: Gregor and Legerdemain, Faust and Fluid Sac, and Hong Lu with Land of Illusion are all good picks. Just pick one EGO to spam and make sure the EGO resource regeneration can keep up.

Sinner Recommendations: G Gregor (for Legerdemain), The One Who Grips Faust (and Fluid Sac), Hong Lu (for Land of Illusion)

R Corp. Heathcliff is great here.

Blunt-focused Sinners like Seven Outis, N Corp. Rodion, and N Corp. Heathcliff excel in this fight.

Average Turn Count: 7


Wave 1 Wave 2
Servile N Corp. Inquisitor x1
Compliant N Corp. Inquisitor x1
Scourging N Corp. Inquisitor x1
Interrogative N Corp. Inquisitor x1
Obsessive N Corp. Inquisitor x1
Guido The persistent x1
Scourging N Corp. Inquisitor x1
Interrogative N Corp. Inquisitor x1
Obsessive N Corp. Inquisitor x1
Joyous N Corp. Inquisitor x1


  • Blunt, Sloth, and Gluttony (All)


  • Slash, Pride, and Lust (All) 


Stage 5: Insulation

Strategy: The doggo from Mirror Dungeon got a buff. Kinda. Can be difficult if you don’t know how to handle him, but a pushover if you do.

There are multiple ways you can deal with him. The first, and simplest way, is to simply treat him like his Mirror Dungeon/Luxcavation version. This means beating up his Body and staggering him as you would normally, winning clashes along the way. Paralysis is pretty effective here, as all of the Watchdog’s attacks have low base power and only have one coin to go through.

Another way is to stagger the Telepole part on the first turn by targeting it exclusively, then breaking it on the next turn but also targeting it exclusively. When the Telepole part is staggered or broken, it cancels all of the Watchdog’s remaining attacks for that turn. You still want to stagger/break it before it attacks though, otherwise this tip is pointless. Doing this essentially gives you two free turns to hit him without repercussions, but make sure that you don’t stagger and break the Telepole on the same turn, otherwise you’ll only get one free turn to burst him down. The turn/s after, focus on the Telepole and ignore his attacks. He’ll go down pretty fast.

Watchdog has an entire gimmick based off of its Telepole, where it gains Lightning stacks while inflicting Shock on your Sinners, increasing the damage the Watchdog deals against them. However, its Telepole is so easy to stagger and break that it’s easy to just completely ignore its gimmick. It will also occasionally use Electrified Howl, a powerful AoE attack. If you break the Person part of it, it will be unable to use this skill anymore.

Sinner Recommendations: R Corp. Heathcliff’s Quick Suppression and W Don’s Rip Space will make quick work of the dog, no matter which part you decide to target, but ideally everyone is targeting the same part.

Kurokumo Hong Lu’s Cloud Cutter can instantly stagger the Head of the Watchdog.

Seven Outis Has two Blunt skills and is a good clasher for whatever the Watchdog throws at you. Her Skill 2 can also apply defense down.

Rodion (Ideally Kurokumo or N Corp.) has What is Cast EGO, which the Watchdog is weak to, and is cheap whose resources can easily be produced. Barring that, N Corp. Rodion has powerful Blunt Skill 2 and 3s that can be used against the Watchdog.

N Corp. Kleinhammer Heathcliff can also work if you don’t have R Corp. Heathcliff, especially his Skill 2 and 3.

Average Turn Count: 5


Wave 1: Refracted Alleyway Watchdog


  • Blunt, Sloth, and Pride (Body and Telepole)
  • Slash, Wrath, and Pride (Person and Head)


  • Pierce, Gloom, Gluttony, and Envy (Body and Telepole)
  • Blunt, Pierce, Gloom, Gluttony, and Envy (Person and Head) 


Stage 6: Pickup

Strat: The second of the new Abnormalities that Limbus Company teased is the Tour Robot, with around the same amount of HP as the frog from Stage 3. Looks quite tanky with some new gimmicks to deal with. The Tour Robot is weak to Pierce, so build your team accordingly.

For the first two turns, the Tour Robot will simply use regular attacks. Deal damage to it with your skills as normal. On the third turn, however, it will initiate its gimmick: its last skill slot will have a skill that targets the Sinner with the highest HP. This skill cannot be clashed with or redirected. When it hits, the afflicted Sinner will be staggered for 3 full turns.

On the very next turn, he becomes vulnerable and gains Fragile. This is your chance to free the Sinner, so make sure to prepare your Sinners to burst the Tour Robot if this is the direction you intend to take. If you manage to stagger the Tour Robot, he becomes staggered for the entirety of the next turn and your captured Sinner will be freed. If not, his stagger bar disappears and he deals a significant amount of damage to your captured Sinner on the next turn.

There are two ways you can deal with this: Bring a tanky Sinner that has high HP (like N Corp. Meursault) so that the Tour Robot targets it, or you can choose to Evade the Tour Robot’s grab, skipping this phase entirely. Note that you cannot redirect the grab of the Tour Robot, so if you have multiple Sinners, make sure that the Tour Robot is targeting the Sinner that has an Evade skill.

Afterwards, he will repeat his actions again. Two turns of regular attacks, then he will use a special skill that does the same thing as it did the last time, but with a significant difference: the skill that captures your Sinners can now be clashed with. (16+6)

Once again, save your more powerful skills, while making sure you can outclash the Tour Robot. If you win the clash against its special skill, a new enemy called Heart of the Townspeople appears. You can choose to either stagger the heart to stagger the Tour Robot on the next turn or to simply attack the Tour Robot again. Note that damage against the heart will not transfer to the robot, so if you want to save time and the Tour Robot is near-death, you may want to ignore the heart and just attack the Tour Robot.

If the Tour Robot is still alive at this point, it will start using the skill System Error and stagger itself.

Sinner Recommendations: All of R Corp. Heathcliff’s skills are Pierce, and thus, greatly valued here.

W Don’s Leap does great damage. Rip Space is Slash but still does significant damage.

N Corp. Meursault has great Pierce skills while also being self-sustaining. This is important because, if you choose to field him, the Tour Robot is highly likely to target him.

Kurokumo Ryoshu has powerful skills with all of them being Pierce. 

N Corp. Faust has two Pierce skills and access to Gaze, which helps her Pierce-type allies deal more damage against the Tour Robot.

Seven Yi Sang has two decent Pierce skills. This third skill is Blunt, but inflicts Pierce Fragility, which helps his Pierce-type allies deal more damage.

Average Turn Count: 7


Wave 1: Kqe-1j-23


  • Pierce, Gloom, and Lust


  • Blunt, Wrath, and Envy


Stage 7: Headlessness

Strat: Wow, this fish is huge and scary-looking. But funny enough, you can burst him down faster than the Watchdog.

The strategy against him is simple: Go all in on one of its legs on the first turn and stagger it. Ignore any attacks that won’t stagger or kill your Sinners. It will die really fast after you do so. If you want to play it safe, feel free to clash and stagger its tail as well. Outis and Ebony Stem are hilariously effective on this stage, doing around 100-200 damage per use.

If you’re not confident that your team can survive going all in against the fish, you can opt to target its Body instead. What you’re really aiming for here is to stagger its Body before turn 3 to ensure that it doesn’t get the chance to unleash Blood Cannon.

Sinner Recommendations: Any Yi Sang (for Crow’s Eye View), Any Outis (for Ebony Stem), Shi Section 5 Ishmael, R Corp. Heathcliff, Kurokumo Hong Lu, Tingtang Hong Lu, G Gregor, W Corp. Don

Average Turn Count: 3


Wave 1: Refracted Headless Ichthys


  • Sloth and Wrath (Left and Right Leg)


  • Blunt, Gloom, and Gluttony (Left and Right Leg)


Stage 8: Existence

Strat: Hey, remember Sacristy from the 3-22 dungeon? Well, it’s back and even more buffed. Have fun!

So, you have three Inquisitors to deal with. The middle one is the most dangerous of them all, but it operates on a set pattern. On the first turn, it will use 3 powerful skills, on the second turn, it will use one skill and two counters, on the third turn, it uses 3 powerful skills again, and so on. The other Inquisitors just use skills and no counters.

You want to get rid of the Instincts of all Inquisitors on the very first turn. AoE EGOs are your best friend here, especially Blunt ones since all Inquisitors are Weak to them. Make sure to clash with each Inquisitor as much as possible, especially if they are using Adjust Shell. Allowing this skill to connect with one of your Sinners will let them heal an absurd amount of HP.

For the center Inquisitor, don’t use strong skills to clash against it on the turn that it’s countering (unless it’ll stagger/kill it), as it’ll copy the strong skill that you just used and use it against you. Instead, use weak skills to bait out its counter with a weak attack, while ensuring that its skill doesn't connect and it isn’t allowed to heal or gain Instincts. 

Alternatively, you can Evade or Block its attacks on the turn it uses counters, since its counter will not activate that way. However, do be warned that Adjust Shell will activate even if your Sinners take 0 damage thanks to blocking. It won’t activate at all if your Sinner successfully evades though.

To deal with each Inquisitor, choose whichever of the top or bottom one you want to deal with first and then wail on them. Afterwards, go for the other one. For the center Inquisitor, just keep an eye out on whichever skills it's using and plan accordingly. When both Inquisitors are down, ideally, the center Inquisitor is close to a stagger. You can go all in on it to kill it within 2 turns at that point.

Sinner Recommendations: R Corp. Heathcliff is amazing, but might fall off if you take too long dealing with the Inquisitors. 

W Don is amazing as usual. 

The One Who Grips Faust is a great clasher (and evader against the middle Inquisitor) while also having the very important Gaze status effect to inflict. She can also use Fluid Sac to deal more damage to every Inquisitor on the field.

Seven Outis is a great clasher, and can also inflict next-turn Paralysis to mitigate the counter of the middle Inquisitor as much as possible. 

N Corp. Rodion has a great Blunt-Wrath Skill 3 combo.

R Corp. Ishmael also has a very potent Blunt-Wrath Skill 3 while having access to Blunt for all of her skills.

Average Turn Count: 8


Wave 1: Proceeding Inquisitor x2 and Everything There of an Inquisitor x1


  • Blunt, Wrath, and Envy (All)


  • Slash, Pride, and Lust (All)


Stage 9: Serum

Strategy: the K Corp guards are back with a couple of new enemies in their ranks as well. This stage is both a Blunt and Slash check. Blunt for the old K Corp guards, Slash for the new ones (Class 3 Staff)

Wave 1 should be dealt with by using as many Blunt Skills or EGOs as possible. Spam Gregor’s Legerdemain or Hong Lu’s Land of Illusion.

Wave 2 will have a mix of the guards that are weak to either Slash or Blunt. It might be a good idea to tank some damage if your Sinners can handle it to focus down a guard to minimize their healing. If you can, have your Sinners prepared to unload a burst for the third wave (like having 11+ Charge for W Don, and/or Bodysacking with R Corp Heathcliff).

Wave 3 will have the two guards weak to Slash coming back for a second round but with a stronger passive that lets them heal 25% of their HP three times. Ideally, you prepped enough in the previous turn to unleash Rip Space and/or Quick Suppression and wail against a single guard for a guaranteed kill, making the final guard easy pickings.

If not, do it like with Wave 2. Focus fire one of the guards enough and you’ll be able to outdamage their healing. For the other guard, have one of your Sinners clash with their stronger skill so they’ll waste their healing. By the time you’re done with one guard, the last guard will have little to no healing available for them.

Sinner Recommendations: Rabbit Heathcliff is a good pick here, even if the guards resist Pierce.

W Don shreds the guards weak to Slash, especially with Rip Space. You may want to consider saving one Rip Space for the third wave.

Kurokumo Hong Lu for Land of Illusions EGO and his Slash skills to make quick work of both types of guards.

Shi Section 5 Ishmael does tremendous damage for her Skill 2 and 3, but does not deal as much damage with her Skill 1 due to it being Pierce.

Blade Lineage Yi Sang, L Corp. Faust, LCB Ryoshu, and Seven Ryoshu are all good picks if you need additional Slash Sinners to deal with the Class 3 Staff.

Average Turn Count: 13


Wave 1 Wave 2Wave 3
Reliable K Corp. Checkpoint Security x2
Calm K Corp. Checkpoint Security x2
Reliable K Corp. Checkpoint Security x1
Calm K Corp. Checkpoint Security x1
K Corp. Class 3 Staff x2
K Corp. Class 3 Empowered Staff x2


  • Slash, Sloth, Wrath, and Pride (Class 3 Staff and Class 3 Empowered Staff)
  • Blunt, Sloth, Wrath, and Pride (Check Point Security)


  • Pierce (All)


Stage 10: Forked Tongue

Strat: Bleh. The longest and worst fight is here, with two very tanky Four Legged Beasts and one Slithering Inquisitor. Strap yourselves, you’re going to be here for a while.
The Four Legged Beasts are weak to Slash while the Slithering Inquisitor is weak to Pierce. Plan your team accordingly.

The Four Legged Beasts function as they do in Chapter 3: they gain one Instincts per hit. And enter Frenzy mode at 4 Instincts, buffing them. However, they are so weak that someone at 45 SP is unlikely to ever lose a clash against them. Either way, pile on the Slash Identities on these guys until they go down.

The Inquisitor is also extraordinarily weak, just make sure to keep clashing against its hits and to hit it with Pierce attacks when given the opportunity. Just remember that its arm and poison mechanic functions similarly to his 3-22 version: When one arm is destroyed, it becomes untargetable. When both arms are destroyed, all attacks against the Inquisitor are canceled for the turn and he gains a permanent 5 Fragile.

From that point on, it turns into a DPS race where you need to kill the Inquisitor as fast as possible before your Sinners get staggered or killed by the poison that he inflicts every turn, so be sure to pile it on him. He’s not strong, so you shouldn’t have any trouble dealing with him if you have already reached this far.

This is one of the stages where it can be a good idea to bring less than 5 Sinners to help cycle through your skills much easier, especially if you’re bringing in W Corp Don, The One Who Grips Faust, or Shi Section 5 Ishmael.

Sinner Recommendations: One of the only stages where you don’t actually want to bring R Corp Heathcliff. He will run out of ammo long before the fight ends, so just keep him in the back this time.

Shi Section 5 Ishmael is a great option, having access to both Slash and Pierce skills so that she can clash against either the Inquisitor or the beasts. (She does better against the beasts, though.)                     

W Don’s Rip Space tears the beasts apart. Rip does decent damage against the beasts, while Leap is good against the Inquisitor.

Kurokumo Hong Lu turns the beasts into mincemeat with all of his skills being Slash.

Tingtang Hong Lu has Mutilate and Throat Slit for the beasts and Shank for the Inquisitor.

Blade Lineage Yi Sang also demolishes the beasts with his great Slash skills while having access to Crow’s Eye View, a cheap and spammable Pierce EGO to deal good damage against the Inquisitor when the beasts go down.

The One Who Grips Faust and her Gaze status effect will make the Slithering Inquisitor take even more damage against Pierce attacks from allies, so bring her if you can.

Average Turn Count: 15


Wave 1: Slithering Inquisitor and Four Legged Beast x2 


  • Pierce, Sloth, Wrath (Slithering Inquisitor)
  • Slash, Gloom, Wrath (Four-legged Beast),


  • Blunt, Gloom, Gluttony (Slithering Inquisitor)
  • Pierce, Sloth, Gluttony (Four-legged Beast) 


Stage 11: Energization

Strat: It’s the fish and dog from before, but it’s their Mirror Dungeon versions this time! Which means… They’re a joke. Yeah. This stage is free.

You may be forced to deal with two enemies at the same time, but the combined number of skills they use will never go above five, allowing you to clash all of them if you wish. After one of them goes down, the other will go do five attacks per turn for the rest of the fight.

It is recommended to target the Headless Ichthys first. A 6 speed Quick Suppression from R Corp. Heathcliff or a Leap from W Don will instantly stagger the fish’s legs after it connects, then you’re free to wail on it until it dies. Just make sure that your Sinners don’t get staggered in the process. 

Afterwards, beat up the Watchdog like you would in Mirror Dungeon. Both of them are not that much of a threat (barring the Blood Cannon of the Headless Ichthys), but you may want to consider whether or not killing one of them fast is good for you, as you may end up struggling to finish the other one if you aren’t prepared.

Sinner Recommendations: R Corp. Heathcliff and W Don dominate this fight.

Tingtang Hong Lu is great against the Headless Ichthys but might not be able to contribute much against the Watchdog.

Any Outis with Ebony Stem EGO will shred them both.

Really, just balance out the Sinners you used during your first encounter with them while fighting them both at the same time.

Average Turn Count: 5


Wave 1: Headless Ichthys and Alleyway Watchdog

Alleyway Watchdog


  • Blunt, Sloth, and Pride (Body and Telepole)
  • Slash, Wrath, and Pride (Person and Head)


  • Pierce, Gloom, Gluttony, and Envy (Body and Telepole)
  • Blunt, Pierce, Gloom, Gluttony, and Envy (Person and Head)

Headless Ichthys

  • Sloth and Wrath (Left and Right Leg)


  • Blunt, Gloom, and Gluttony (Left and Right Leg)


Stage 12: Purity 

Strategy: Oh no, Kromer’s back! Except… she’s weaker now? Yeah, this Kromer doesn’t have her passive that makes her heal and gain power from Bleed/Burn. It’s just the same fight from 3-22, but you have the advantage of being able to Bleed/Burn her while starting off with 45 SP.
Take advantage of that and bring Pierce to hit her Maw in Phase 2 of the fight. 

There really isn’t much to say because you’re required to beat her harder version in 3-22 before being given access to Refraction Railway.

Sinner Recommendations: Kurokumo Ryoshu, Tingtang Hong Lu, R Corp. Heathcliff, W Don

Average Turn Count: 9


Wave 1: Kromer


  • Wrath and Pride (Phase 2)
  • Pierce (Maw)


  • Blunt and Lust (All Phases)


Stage 13: Non-self

Strategy: The third and final of the new Abnormalities that Limbus has teased is here. The first part of this fight is more of a puzzle than a DPS race compared to the previous ones, so you’ll need to be a bit more careful here if you don’t want to take too long in the fight.

The stage’s main mechanic is Karma, this debuff increases the damage taken by a character depending on the amount of stacks they have (1% per Count) and if a character has 108+ Karma, they automatically die at the end of the turn. The boss will use skills that apply this status effect to either its allies or enemies depending on the clash outcome (allies if clash lose, your Sinners if their attacks hit).

The boss has a breakable section Buddha Mūrti with 17 HP. After being broken, the boss will perform 4 actions, some indiscriminate. It is especially potent if My Form Empties uses skills that targets the character with the highest Karma count, as this will likely be a guaranteed kill after all 3 attacks connect and the turn ends, due to the high increase in Karma stack.

For the first part of the fight, you will be dealing with My Form Empties and its minions: Guido, G Corp Manager, and Aida. All of the minions heal to full health at the start of the turn unless killed in the previous turn.

If you have R Corp. Heathcliff, immediately kill Aida with a 6-speed Quick Suppression. Note that all coins need to flip Heads to guarantee the kill, otherwise, you want to follow up with another (Pierce Skill) Sinner on the very same turn. If she dies, you have just drastically decreased the turn count needed to beat My Form Empties.

As for G Corp Manager or Guido, you want to build up your Skills to burst one of them down when they accumulate enough Karma stacks (Generally 60 to 80). A combination of Quick Suppression, Rip Space, and a bunch of other Sinner attacks will make short work of them.

For the last minion, you simply need to win clashes and break the Buddha Mūrti as much as possible, to ensure that My Form Empties uses its highest Karma-targeting skills immediately. When their karma stacks reach 108+, it will instantly kill them.

If you don’t have R Corp. Heathcliff or are unable to burst down the minions of My Form Empties, you can simply do it the proper way. Win clashes as much as you can. You can allow some of the skills of My Form Empties to connect with your Sinners to give you more control on where you want to transfer Karma stacks. And like before, break the Buddha Mūrti as much as possible so that My Form Empties uses its skills that inflict a lot of Karma. Just make sure that it’s not your Sinners that has the most amount of Karma!

After all minions are dead, you want Lust and Blunt skills to destroy the Stone Seat of My Form Empties. You’ll be prompted with a skill check not long after, so you can prepare for that on the turn beforehand with status effects on My Form Empties, while preparing next-turn buffs for your Sinners. 

Once you beat the check, My Form Empties will be staggered, and this will be the perfect time to unleash all your skills to beat the boss once and for all.

This is not that difficult of a fight, you just need to read.

Sinner Recommendations: R Corp. Heathcliff is mandatory if you want to burst down Aida on the very first turn. You’ll need a 6 Speed Quick Suppression.

The One Who Grips Faust, W Don, Kurokumo Ryoshu, R Corp. Ishmael, Shi Ishmael, Seven Outis, G Gregor are all good picks.

Average Turn Count: 9


Wave 1: Lured Aida, Lured Guido, Lured Festered G Corp. H. Manager, My Form Empties


  • Blunt and Lust (My Form Empties)
  • Pierce and Envy (Lured Aida)
  • Blunt and Wrath (Lured Guido)
  • Slash and Sloth (Lured Festered G Corp. H. Manager)


  • Blunt and Gloom (Lured Aida)
  • Slash and Lust (Lured Guido)
  • Pierce and Gluttony (Lured Festered G Corp. H. Manager)