Seven Section 6 Director Outis – Early Analysis

After a month of having no 3* Identities at launch, Outis finally gets her first as the Director of Section 6 for Seven Association, but the question is, is she worth it?

Predictive Analysis

Skill 1: Seven Outis’s skill 1 only has one coin, but its base power is quite hefty, starting off at 6 with a +4 power boost if it flips heads. It also has an on hit effect that inflicts Paralyze on the next turn. For a skill 1, its power, both base and with a heads flip is pretty good.

It, like every other skill Seven Outis has, also has the additional effect of reducing an opponent’s clash power by 2, making it surprisingly good for clashes, especially when she has high SP.

Field Command

Skill 2: Seven Outis’s Skill 2 starts at a respectable base power of 5 with 2 coins to go through, each adding +5 per heads flip. Like every other skill Seven Outis has, this skill also debuffs the enemy’s clash power by 2.

It has two on hit effects per coin, each applying the same effects on enemies where it inflicts 1 Rupture Count and 1 Defense Level Down per coin. (1 Defense Level Down = 10% of defense)

While the skill is not very good at inflicting Rupture, it is quite decent at maintaining Count beyond 1, as her skill 2 basically keeps the Rupture Count as it was in the beginning after she hits her opponent with it. (Unless the Count is at 1, where it just removes all the Rupture potency and instead leaves it at 1 Count and 1 Potency.)

Exploit the Gap

Skill 3: Her skill 3 has 6 base power, which is pretty high, and 3 coins to go through, meaning that she gets to hit three times. Unfortunately, she only gains a +2 power bonus per heads flip, which means that it only has 12 power total at the end. Still, this skill also reduces the clash power of whoever Seven Outis is clashing by 2, which makes it not as weak as it seems at a glance. Plus, it has some interesting effects.

The first coin of this skill has an on hit effect that inflicts 1 Offense Level Down for an enemy, weakening their attacks. (1 Offense Level = 10% of attack)

The third coin of this skill has two on hit effects: The first effect is that the skill deals an additional 15% bonus Slash damage against an enemy (which is odd, since the skill itself is Blunt)

The second effect inflicts Weakness Analyzed, a powerful status effect that weakens a random attack type resistance (Slash, Pierce, Blunt) of an enemy that is “Endured” or “Normal”, meaning that you get a stronger damage multiplier (+0.2) for an attack type resistance afflicted by this.

Defense (I’ll Take the Lead, Guard): A Guard skill with a powerful base of 13 that adds a +4 power to its single heads flip.

It also has an on use effect of giving Seven Outis 1 Haste and Defense Power up for the next turn.

Passive (Grasping Vulnerabilities): A powerful passive, only stopped by its requirement of having 3 Envy Resonance in a turn to activate. 

It’s simply a way to deal more damage when attacking an enemy that already has “Weak” or “Fatal” Resistances to a certain attack type since it boosts said damage by 10% when activated.

Support (Relay Intelligence): One of the best support passives in the game. For the low price of having a total of at least 4 Envy for your sin affinities, you get the same effects as Grasping Vulnerabilities but for the Sinner with the highest speed instead. This Support makes slotting Seven Outis in worth it even if you won’t really be using her in battle.


  • Amazing clasher, thanks to all of her skills giving her opponent -2 clash power in a clash.
  • All skills effects are on hit, meaning you don’t need to worry about her having to flip heads for her skills to take effect.
  • One of the few Identities that inflicts Paralyze on the next turn.
  • Great in supporting Sinners in battle and can be slotted in most teams without worry.
  • Great Passive and Support Passive.
  • Able to keep Rupture Count above 1 to utilize Rupture more effectively with her Skill 2.


  • Passable damage, but as she is more support-oriented, Seven Outis requires strong team members to take advantage of the debuffs she inflicts.
  • Not that good as a Rupture inflictor on her own.

Potential Sinner Synergies

Faust - The One Who Grips,Ishmael - LCCB Assistant Manager,Yi Sang - Seven Section 6,Gregor - G Corp. Manager Corporal,Heathcliff - R Corp. 4th Pack Rabbit


Seven Section 6 Director Outis brings some interesting things to the table, one of the most notable ones being that all of her skills decrease the clash power of her opponents by 2. This makes her an amazing clasher, especially at higher SP levels, where it is all but impossible for her to lose a clash.

However, when it comes to dealing damage, she doesn’t have a lot going for her. Most of her skills inflict some kind of status effect that debuffs an enemy, but the power of her own skills aren’t that much to write home about. This means that Seven Outis is a great clasher, but not so great at dealing damage when her attacks connect.

Still, that is perfectly fine, because Seven Outis’s forte lies in something else: Providing support. Her being able to inflict Paralyze, Defense Level Down, Offense Level Down, and Weakness Analyzed on the very next turn means that her allies can take advantage of the setup she provides and deal massive damage on the very next turn. It helps that all of her skills are on hit effects, and thanks to her being a clash monster, she is highly likely to apply those status effects without issue.

When it comes to synergy, she works as a general support, and thus can be slotted in almost any team as a result. Though some notable ones are LCCB Ishmael for her Skill 3 and Outis’s Skill 2 in inflicting and maintaining Rupture respectively as well as The One Who Grips Faust and Seven Yi Sang in being able to inflict Gaze and Pierce Fragility, which can make your Sinners do disgusting amounts of damage when paired properly with Weakness Analyzed. Her EGO, Ebony Stem, also synergizes well with the Rupture on her Skill 2, but this requires uptying said EGO first.

All in all, Seven Outis is an amazing clasher but is not much of a damage dealer. The reason why she’s good is because of the versatility of the support she offers for many teams, so much so that she can be slotted in most and do her job without worry. Definitely worth her rarity as a 3*.