Hell’s Chicken Event Guide

The first Project Moon side event has dropped, bringing with it interesting Identities, EGOs, rewards, and of course, a new story.

To get started with the event story and its stages, you will need to have finished 3-22. This means that the event stages themselves will be somewhat on the same difficulty level as Chapter 3. Ideally, you will have a good number of your Sinners at level 30 and uptied to III already for this event.

The event is almost like a mini-version of the main story stages. You essentially have a combination of 8 story chapters and battles to go through and two Mirror Dungeons at the very end, one being easy and one being hard.

New Identities and EGOs

This event introduces two new Identities and two new EGOs. The 3* Identity R.B. Chef de Cuisine Ryoshu and Sinclair’s Lifetime Stew EGO are exclusive to the gacha. On the other hand, The 2* Identity R.B. Sous-Chef Gregor and Don Quixote’s Lifetime Stew EGO can be obtained for free simply through farming the event currency, Bongy Plushies.

New Enemies

It seems this event also introduces new foes for us to combat, and they seem to have quite fowl manners...

K Corp. Headchickens

Surprise! It’s the K Corp. guards again, but it seems they’ve been taken over by some weird chicken things… Anyways, these guys aren’t that much of a threat. Some of them apply status effects like Rupture, but aren’t really that scary overall. If you’ve beaten Chapter 3, these guys should be no trouble for you. They are weak to Slash, so bring Identities that specialize in these if you can.


They’re small, yet terrible. Somehow these guys hit harder than some bosses... They can be problematic but manageable if you know what to do.

A common passive that all chicken variants have is that they reduce the SP of a random ally by 3 per turn. It can make getting and keeping your SP up difficult, especially at the start of a battle.

For each of the chicken variants, they have different specialties that you need to be aware of:

Raw chicken

  • Skills target Sinners that have the lowest SP.
  • Skill effects deal SP damage or Sinking.
  • Has an Evade skill that, if used, gives 2 Attack Power Up to all allies in the next turn.

Chicken with red sauce 

  • Skills target Sinners that have the lowest HP.
  • Coins roll high, but not too high.
  • Evade has a special effect that reduces your Sinner’s SP per Evade. Be careful when using multiple coins like Heathcliff’s Quick Suppression against it.

Chicken with brown sauce and green seasoning

  • All skills are like Lobotomy Corporation Remnant Faust’s skill 3, that is, their coins gain +3 power if they didn’t take any damage the previous turn.
  • Just like Lobotomy Faust, these effects can activate on the first turn.
  • Probably the most dangerous of them all. They hit hard and can snowball fast if left unchecked, especially if the raw chicken and the chicken with the chef hat is there.

Chicken with chef hat

  • Tanky, almost has double the HP of the other chicken types.
  • Has a passive that gives 2 Protection and 2 Damage Up to allies in the next turn.
  • Skills target the Sinner with the most HP.

Papa Bongy

The owner of Eunbong's has Distorted and now it's your job to beat him down. Not too difficult the first two times you fight him. It’s mostly about watching your clashes. You can usually spam Win Rate and beat him.

For his 3.5-10 version however, Papa Bongy becomes a force to be reckoned with, because he gets a permanent power up. What you want to do is clash Papa Bongy and to win those clashes while you deal with his chicken minions first since Papa Bongy’s skills hit pretty hard, but he becomes manageable the less chickens on the field there are. Afterwards, you can deal with Papa Bongy. 

Make sure you destroy his Basket body part first. He has a passive that gives him Fragile according to the number of chickens you killed before you destroyed said body part.

Also, while the Basket part is active he will occasionally use a skill that summons more chickens, so be sure to break it early as soon as possible. When all chickens are dead, feel free to beat him down.

Sinner Recommendations

Every enemy in this event is either Normal or Weak against Slash, meaning that your best bet is to bring Slash Identities to make short work of the new enemies and boss. 

For event currency farming, Sinclair will have good mileage from his Blade Lineage and LCB Identities with his event EGO. Don Quixote with her event EGO can be paired up with her Shi Section 5 Director and W Corp. Cleanup Agent Identities. 

You’ll also want to slot Sous-Chef Gregor into the team as soon as you obtain him for the event bonus. His clash values leave a lot to be desired, but he can pull his weight, especially in the final Mirror Dungeon. The same goes for Chef Ryoshu if you manage to obtain her, though this Identity of hers is quite potent and will make farming much easier if you have her.

If you simply want good Identities that can fight, here are some additional options: Blade Lineage Salsu Yi Sang, Lobotomy Corp. Remnant Faust, Kurokumo Wakashu Hong Lu, Tingtang Gangleader Hong Lu, Shi Section 5 Ishmael.

Farming for Bongy Plushies

The event’s main currency is Bongy Plushies. These can be obtained by completing event story stages* (with bonus Bongy Plushies for completing them the first time) and the Mirror Dungeon stages. 

**Note that Bongy Plushies can also be obtained from non-event main story stages but not from EXP/Thread Luxcavation Stages and the regular Mirror Dungeon. 

After collecting enough Bongy Plushies, you can obtain various rewards such as thread, Nominal Boxes, single pull tickets, and the event-exclusive Sous-Chef Gregor Identity and Lifetime Stew Don Quixote EGO.

The event-exclusive Identities and EGOs will give bonus drops for Bongy Plushies too. The Ryoshu Identity and Sinclair EGO give a bonus 40% in drop rate each, while the Gregor Identity and Don Quixote EGO give a bonus 20% in drop rate each, totaling at 120% bonus drops for Bongy Plushies if you have all 4 of them.

These Identities and EGOs will need to be slotted into the team like so for their bonuses to take effect. However, they do not need to participate in battle for the drop rate to take effect. Having them on the team is enough. The only exception to this is the Mirror Dungeons: You will need to actually pick and bring them into the dungeons, or the drop rate of the Bongy Plushies will not be affected.

For efficiency’s sake, you want to run 3.5-10 (A Restaurateur's Spicy Fathoms) as much as possible. A single clear (2 enkephalin cost) of the Mirror Dungeon nets you 80 Bongy Plushies without any bonuses. If you have Chef Ryoshu, Chef Gregor, and Sinclair with his event EGO in the team, that turns into a 100% bonus where 80 gained becomes 160 Bongy Plushies instead.

With Don Quixote and her EGO, that pushes the bonus to 120%, so 176 per run. In other words, run as many Identities and EGOs that have the event bonus as much as possible to make the event grind much faster. Unfortunately, you cannot borrow Support Identities for this event stage, so you will have to rely on your own Identities and EGOs to increase the event drop rate or to be able to clear the stages.

Chef Gregor can be obtained once you get 440 Bongy Plushies. Don Quixote’s Lifetime Stew EGO can be obtained once you get 2200 Bongy Plushies. It is recommended to add them to your event currency farming team as soon as possible once you obtain them.

You will be finished once you have obtained 6000 Bongy Plushies to obtain the final reward, a banner that can be placed on your profile.

Once you've finished, congrats, you've finished the hellish grind of Hell's Chicken!