Kleinhammer Heathcliff – Early Analysis

Another N Corp. fanatic joins the Sinner team, being a good support and damage-dealing hybrid, especially with other N Corp. Identities.

Skills Review

Gawky Nailing

Skill 1: While Gawky Nailing does not start off with high base power (3), it has two coins to compensate, with each heads flip giving a decently strong +4 power boost. Not recommended to use this skill to brute force clashes with when at low SP, but it becomes more consistent at higher SP levels.

Gawky Nailing’s first coin has two skill effects that depend on the coin flip. Heads inflicts 1 Nails on the next turn, making N Corp. Heathcliff a good support for fellow N Corp. Identities at higher SP levels, while a tails flip inflicts 1 Bleed.

Its second coin, on the other hand, has a simple on-hit effect that inflicts 1 Bleed.


Skill 2: This skill starts off with an impressive base power of 6, but can seem daunting to use as it only has a single coin. Its power should not be underestimated, however, as a heads flip gives it a whopping +8 bonus power.

The main point of interest here is the skill’s effect: If the skill flips heads when it connects, it will inflict 2 Plus Coin Drop on the enemy for the next turn. This means that an enemy that has coin skills that increase its power with a heads flip will lose 2 of that power per coin, greatly reducing the potency of an enemy’s multi-coin flips.

The skill also has a Clash Win effect of healing N Corp. Heathcliff for 5 SP, which is great because you want to get him to 45 SP as soon as possible.

Infirm Retribution

Skill 3: A skill with a decent base power of 4. It has 3 coins to go through, with each heads flip adding +4 power, giving it a pretty large total power if all coins flip heads.

The skill also has an interesting effect for all three coins, wherein it deals a bonus 10% of the damage dealt by this skill per coin, assuming it flips heads. It’s a nice little additional bonus to damage when N Corp. Heathcliff is doing particularly well.

Defense (Guard): No special effects. It’s a simple guard skill with a base power of 8 that gets a +5 if its single coin flips heads.

Passive (Bugger…): A passive whose cost is easily reached, thanks to its 2 Envy cost while N Corp. Heathcliff can provide 1 cost thanks to his Skill 1.

It is, unfortunately, not that good, as it requires an ally to die on the same turn it is activated before N Corp. Heathcliff can gain its effects that increase his Blunt power by 1. It also makes him lose 10 SP, which he doesn’t want if he wants to be more consistent in flipping heads for his skills.

Support (Cantillation): The effects of this passive state that the fastest ally will inflict an additional 1 Nails. However, the game only takes into account allies that can actually apply Nails, and thus non-Nails Identities are ignored by this passive, making this a passive that benefits N Corp. Identities exclusively. 

A good passive that can help the likes of N Corp. Faust instantly activate the effects of her Skill 3 in a single turn, so long as you can bypass the 3 Lust cost.


  • Effects of his Skill 2 can make an enemy’s multi-coin skill completely non-threatening.
  • Decent Bleed and Nails inflictor if needed.
  • Skills reveal their true potential when N Corp. Heathcliff is at max SP and hits as many head flips as possible.
  • Skill 3 hits like a freight train especially when all the coins hit heads.
  • Great support passive for Nails-inflicting allies.


  • Only has a single coin for his second skill
  • Requires setting up by giving him a lot of SP before he can truly get going to greatly increase his chances of hitting heads for his skills
  • If he cannot win clashes or gain SP to fuel his skill effects, his usefulness for the team becomes questionable at best.
Meursault - N Corp. Großhammer,Rodion - N Corp. Mittelhammer,Faust - The One Who Grips


N Corp. Heathcliff might seem underwhelming at first, especially in comparison to his fellow N Corp. allies, but don’t be fooled. While he doesn’t play the role of pure clasher like N Corp. Faust, what he does excel at is being a support and damage hybrid. 

His Skill 1 helps apply both Nails and Bleed, helping fellow N Corp. allies that require Nails for certain skills to activate, or Bleed teams that rely on stacking Bleed.

His Skill 2 is a big risk - big reward type of deal. If it wins a clash and flips heads at the end, you’ve just debuffed an enemy’s coins for all of their skills for the next turn. It might seem risky since it only has one coin to go through, but it might be worth the gambit, considering that it already has a decent base power from the get go, especially if N Corp. Heathcliff has a good amount of SP to work with.

His Skill 3 is just a ‘win more’ type of skill, since you simply get bonus damage for a skill that already deals good damage.

You may have noticed that most of N Corp. Heathcliff’s skills require a heads flip to activate, and this is part of what makes bringing him along a potential gamble. Early on in a fight, while he has 0 SP, it’s a 50/50 chance whether or not he’ll be able to flip heads, win clashes, and actually activate the effects of his skills which can potentially be dangerous especially if he’s using his single-coin skill. 

However, the more clashes he wins, the more SP he earns, and the more he ramps up, due to being able to hit heads to inflict his skill effects more. It takes a while for that to happen, but he can and will eventually turn into a monster, especially when combined with his Base EGO, [Bodysack].