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This tier list is meant to assist people when it comes to picking Sinners that might helpful for them to progress. It will be frequently updated with new additions every so often, with Identities possibly moving up and down the list depending on new updates and other factors.

It should not be taken as gospel, however. There are many distinct and unique battles in Limbus and it would be near-impossible to cover all the niche situations and combinations, especially when factoring things like Refraction Railway. What we will be focusing on here is reliability in general, how well they can slot into a team, and of course, how strong they are. This should give you a general idea on how well these Identities work for the most part.

Note: This tier list only considers Identities on the field, and does not include the effectiveness of Support Passives.

Tier List Table

In no particular order. Sinners are arranged simply by their Sinner numbers, and all related Identities are placed right next to each other.


W Corp. L3 Cleanup Agent Don Quixote

  • Nuke Skill 3 with many coins and high final power but requires 10 Charge
  • Skill 2 can inflict Fragile

W Corp. L3 Cleanup Agent Ryōshū

  • Nuke Skill 3 with many coins like W Don, gets coin power at 7-14 Charge at the cost of HP. 15 Charge removes the HP cost
  • High rolling skill 2, can inflict Slash Fragility

Blade Lineage Mentor Meursault

  • Amazing Blade Lineage Support ID with all the bonuses he gives with his passives and Skills
  • To Claim Their Bones is a powerful Counter, and Meursault can't be staggered if he used and loses a clash with Yield My Flesh
  • Passive can make him survive an attack that should have killed him

Dieci Assoc. South Section 4 Rodion

  • Very tanky
  • Inflicts good Sinking
  • Perfectly fuels Rime Shank for Sinking teams

The One Who Shall Grip Sinclair

  • 90 potential raw damage with Skill 3
  • Minimum roll of 18 with Skill 3, makes it very hard to lose a clash with it
  • Skill 1 rolls low
  • Needs babysitting as a negative coin ID

Cinq Assoc. South Section 4 Director Sinclair

  • High potential clash values in skills
  • Requirements are easy to meet, meaning that once Sinclair ramps up, there's little that can stop him
  • Is more consistent than TOWSG Sinclair
  • Can inflict Fragile with Skill3

R Corp. 4th Pack Rabbit Heathcliff

  • 6 Speed Quick Suppression inflicts 4 Fragile, gets coin power, and makes the rest of his team going after him hit much harder
  • 6 Speed is easy to obtain with Bodysack EGO the turn before using it
  • Don't give him additional skill slots or he might run out of ammo

The Pequod Harpooneer Heathcliff

  • 1 Stagger threshold early, makes him a great tank
  • Becomes stronger the less HP he has thanks to his passive

The Pequod Captain Ishmael

  • Gains SP fast if she can kill, can help teammates gain SP fast too if her Passive is active on the same turn
  • Skill 2 can give a free unopposed Skill 1 attack if enough Absolute Resonance is obtained + a bit of luck if below 5 Absolute Resonance
  • Needs to be careful as allies killing gives her less SP


Effloresced E.G.O::Spicebush Yi Sang

  • Decent Sinking infliction
  • Sinking Deluge is his main gimmick, being a nuke but for Sinking that spends all Sinking on an enemy
  • Skill 1 rolls low and will have difficulty winning clashes
  • Be careful when using Skill 3 to activate Sinking Deluge as you will spend *all* Sinking on the enemy when you use it

Lobotomy E.G.O::Regret Faust

  • Strong AoE prowess with conditions that are easy to obtain
  • Skill 3 can Tremor Burst 3 times in a single turn
  • Skill 2 can inflict Plus Coin Drop on enemies which can be significant the more coins an enemy has

The Middle Little Sister Don Quixote

  • Works great in an Envy Resonance team
  • Counter turning to Skill 3 is strong but requires a lot of Envy skills and requires getting hit

Tingtang Gang Gangleader Hong Lu

  • Skill 2 is a nuke especially against enemies with low HP
  • Skill 3 is a good clasher and is great against fights with multiple enemies

K Corp. Class 3 Excision Staff Hong Lu

  • Nearly invincible tank as long as his passive requirements can be met
  • Very good for soloing a lot of content
  • Damage isn't as good as his tanking capabilities due to lack of coins, but he can still clash pretty well for the most part

Hook Office Fixer Hong Lu

  • Good at inflicting Bleed Count
  • +6 Speed requirement for coin boost is easy to get, especially with Skill 2 giving him Haste
  • Can heal himself with Skill 3. Also deals good damage with it.

R Corp. 4th Pack Reindeer Ishmael

  • Decent in Uptie 3 but really wants Uptie 4 to shine because of how significant the changes in her Skills and passives are
  • Skill 3 is a nuke that is easy to get off when at Uptie 4, but care should be taken as she might attack an ally instead if not having enough Charge

Molar Boatworks Fixer Ishmael

  • Inflicts a lot of Sinking and especially Sinking Count with her Skill 3
  • Can inflict Fragile if she has Tremor too

Liu Assoc. South Section 4 Ishmael

  • Good Burn Potency and Count infliction even on her own, making it possible to gain the coin boost for her skills
  • Skill 3 does not get boosted and is a bit strict in its requirements to get the Plus Coin Boost buff for the next turn

Wuthering Heights Chief Butler Outis

  • Great Sinking Support
  • Echoes of the Manor is her biggest boon, as it can inflict additional Sinking on enemies and/or debuff their coin flipping chances

Twinhook Pirates First Mate Gregor

  • Can increase and maintain Poise on his own
  • Skill 3 can be quite powerful with enough Unjust Enrichment on Gregor


W Corp. L3 Cleanup Agent Yi Sang

The Pequod First Mate Yi Sang

  • Decent Bleed inlictor with Skill 3
  • Skill 2 is a nuke with enough Poise, but needs a bit of luck to work

Blade Lineage Salsu Yi Sang

  • Wants Uptie 4 as Passive makes him become stronger the more Poise he has on him.
  • Gains good Poise with Skills
  • Skill 3 can be potent with enough Poise

Lobotomy Corp. Remnant Faust

  • Generic good clasher, especially for a 2 star ID

The One Who Grips Faust

  • Gaze is a great status effect for boosting Blunt and Pierce attacks
  • Passive can give allies SP with enough Lust Resonance
  • Mediocre clashing

Seven Assoc. South Section 4 Faust

  • Good Rupture Count inflictor
  • Notable for being able to inflict Count on clash win, meaning you don't need to hit an enemy to get the effects to activate

Lobotomy E.G.O::Lantern Don Quixote

  • Just like K Corp Hong Lu, is a very good tank
  • Can heal herself to bring her HP back
  • Inflicts good Rupture Count

Seven Assoc. South Section 6 Ryōshū

  • Generic good clasher
  • Can inflict Slash fragility on enemies

R.B. Chef de Cuisine Ryōshū

  • Skill 2 rolls good as it can reach 18 when all coins flip heads
  • Skill 3 is like Hook Hong Lu by dealing more damage the less HP an enemy has

Dieci Assoc. South Section 4 Hong Lu

  • Meh Sinking application
  • Powerful skills when at higher Insight
  • Can keep himself at Insight 3 forever by discarding Skill 3 once and then having the bottom slot turn into an Evade
  • Locks himself using the above skills when the above strategy is used, meaning he will be using his Skill 1 50% of the time, which isn't that good for clashing

Shi Assoc. South Section 5 Ishmael

  • Okay clashing normally
  • Skills become great at under 50% HP
  • Healing is bad for her as a result

Liu Assoc. South Section 4 Director Rodion

  • Decent normally, great in a Burn team
  • Skill 3 can deal bonus Wrath damage but it's capped by 30

Lobotomy E.G.O::Magic Bullet Outis

  • Great AoE potential
  • Dark Flame makes Burn an even stronger status effect
  • Is held back by the fact it takes forever to gain 7 bullets to maximize her Skill 3's potential, usually the battle is over by that point

Cinq Assoc. South Section 4 Outis

  • Amazing Evade
  • Decently powerful skills, if a bit lacking in coins

Molar Office Fixer Outis

  • Can stack Tremor Count on herself to make decently powerful skills even more powerful
  • Decent Tremor application, especially if she spends the Tremor on herself

Edgar Family Heir Gregor

  • Glass cannon as he gives himself damage up but also Fragile
  • Decent Sinking application
  • Skill 3 eats up a lot of Sinking Count and Potency, 50% chance that he dooesn't absorb Sinking Potency to give himself Plus Coin Boost


Blade Lineage Salsu Faust

  • Decently powerful skillls but works best in a Poise/Blade Lineage team
  • Red Plum Blossom seems like a good Bleed inflictor but is notorious for being very difficult to have an upkeep on

Shi Assoc. South Section 5 Director Don Quixote

  • Generic good clasher
  • Gets buffs at under 50% HP, but the effort to get there is not worth the buffs

Cinq Assoc. South Section 5 Director Don Quixote

  • Good clasher, doesn't have a lot of coins overall meaning not too much damage
  • Difficulty in achieving requirements to boost her Skill 3 without outside help like Crow's Eye View EGO

Blade Lineage Salsu Don Quixote

  • Okay clashing capabilities outside of a Blade Lineage/Poise team, good clashing capabilities in one
  • Good at giving Poise to allies
  • Don't bring her in a team mixed with Poise and no Poise, she'll just give Poise to allies that don't need or use it

W Corp. L2 Cleanup Agent Meursault

  • Needs Uptie 4 if you want to use him, Uptie 3 is not worth using
  • Can become decently good with a good Charge team, especially with his nuke Skill 3
  • Has poor Charge gain on his own

R Corp. 4th Pack Rhino Meursault

  • Lots of Bleed Count infliction, not a lot of Potency
  • Needs Charge to get his coin power buffs, but works better in a Bleed team than a Charge one

W Corp. L2 Cleanup Agent Hong Lu

  • Gives Charge barriers to everyone
  • Decent clash power overall

Seven Assoc. South Section 4 Heathcliff

  • Another Rupture ID that can inflict Rupture Count when winning clashes
  • Is decent in maintaining or even increasing Rupture

Öufi Assoc. South Section 3 Heathcliff

  • Okayish clashing without a Tremor team, good clashing when in one
  • Barely inflicts Tremor with his own skills
  • Cannot burst Tremor unless converting Tremor to Tremor Decay
  • Skill 3 is impossible to convert Tremor to Tremor Decay without Tremor support

LCCB Assistant Manager Ishmael

  • Meh clashing capabilities
  • Slow Speed
  • Inflicts a lot of Tremor and Rupture
  • Is one of the few IDs that can Burst Tremor without lowering Count
  • When the stars align and she goes first with her Skill 3 active, she can inflict 5 Fragile, which is way more than R Corp Heathcliff's 4 Fragile. Ideally you can pair them up both for this, even.

Rosespanner Workshop Rep. Rodion

  • Charge ID that focuses around Tremor
  • Tremor infliction is actually poor and should not be focused on unless in a Tremor team
  • Skill 2 is a nuke, but rolls a maximum of 12 in clashes. Coins only reuse after a clash or unopposed attacks

G Corp. Head Manager Outis

  • Good support for the team all around
  • Does not inflict good damage on her own as she only has single coin skills
  • Can be good in a Sinking team as her Skill 3 inflicts a decent amount of Potency and being single coin means spending less Count

Seven Assoc. South Section 6 Director Outis

  • Pseudo-tank, DPS, Rupture Support hybrid
  • Doesn't do all that well in all roles
  • Wants to be in clashes a lot to make the most out of her skill effects

Zwei Assoc. South Section 4 Gregor

  • Good tank, works well when paired with Zwei Faust
  • Perfectly fuels Legerdemain
  • Good speed and can redirect attacks when needed for the most part


Molar Office Fixer Yi Sang

Dieci Assoc. South Section 4 Yi Sang

  • A decent Sinking ID that is completely overshadowed by Spicebush Yi Sang

W Corp. L2 Cleanup Agent Faust

  • Decent skills, Overcharge can be a good debuffer against enemies when the conditions are met
  • Very poor speed

Zwei Assoc. South Section 4 Faust

  • Decent tank ID, pairs very well with Zwei Gregor

Wuthering Heights Butler Faust

  • Meh clash numbers, needs a Sinking team to become more worth it
  • Can inflict Echoes of the Manor with Skill 3 which is a good status effect, but a max roll of 12 with no Sinking on an enemy is sad

Kurokumo Clan Wakashu Ryōshū

  • Inflicts great amounts of Bleed on enemies
  • Clash numbers are poor

LCCB Assistant Manager Ryōshū

  • Strong Skill 3 but but conditionals are nearly impossible to obtain on her own
  • Poise gain is meh

Liu Assoc. South Section 4 Ryōshū

  • Terrible clash numbers outside of a Burn team, decent when in one
  • Inflicts Burn Potency and no Count

N Corp. Großhammer Meursault

  • Great tank, and can even heal himself with S3
  • Suffers from having poor clash numbers

Rosespanner Workshop Fixer Meursault

  • Decent debuffer with skill 2
  • Skill 3 can become strong with enough Tremor on enemy and especially with Regret's passive active
  • Skills as clashers are otherwise below average

The Middle Little Brother Meursault

  • Decent skill 2 for buffing Envy allies
  • Really wants to be put in an Envy-focused team

LCB Sinner Hong Lu

  • Generic good clasher

Kurokumo Clan Wakashu Hong Lu

  • Powerful one sided attacks especially with Skill 2
  • Anti-Bleed synergy with Skill 2
  • Bad clashing power

LCB Sinner Heathcliff

  • Generic good clasher for Blunt teams

Shi Assoc. South Section 5 Heathcliff

  • Needs a lot of babysitting to get his special conditionals active without him dying
  • Skills are mediocre otherwise
  • Can increase attack weight with Skill 3
  • Can kill himself with his Skill 3
  • Poise conditionals take forever to get without outside help

N Corp. Kleinhammer Heathcliff

  • Decent skills all around
  • Skill 2 inflicts Plus Coin drop which can be a significant debuff against multi-coined enemies

Lobotomy E.G.O::Sunshower Heathcliff

  • Potentially powerful but needs a lot of babysitting to make work
  • Needs to get hit with Sinking on himand/or lose a clash with his Skill 1 to lose SP
  • It's not that he's not good, he can be, he just takes too much effort to be good when other IDs can do more for less effort

Kurokumo Clan Wakashu Rodion

  • Skill 3 is a powerful single coin skill
  • Can barely get and maintain poise, making it difficult to activate skill effects

Blade Lineage Salsu Sinclair

  • Skill 3 is his best tool and can deal significant damage
  • Has difficulty gaining Poise Count on his own, needs to be in a Poise-centric or Blade Lineage team to get more Poise
  • Skill 1 and 2 don't roll high regardless

Lobotomy E.G.O::Red Sheet Sinclair

  • Needs babysitting to properly stack Rupture and Talisman on self without accidentally purging Talisman and damaging himself
  • Can potentially destroy bosses in a full Rupture team

Rosespanner Workshop Fixer Gregor

  • Tries to be a Rupture support but works better in Tremor teams with Rupture as bonus damage
  • Skill 3 eats up Rupture Count

Kurokumo Clan Captain Gregor

  • Decent debuffer with a Bleed team
  • Lacks Bleed Count infliction meaning he has trouble getting his conditionals up alone


Seven Assoc. South Section 6 Yi Sang

  • Below average clashing skills
  • Can inflict Paralyze and Pierce Fragility debuffs

LCB Sinner Don Quixote

  • Okay clasher
  • Skill 3 is good in theory, in practice, the conditions are impossible to obtain without a lot of support

N Corp. Mittelhammer Don Quixote

  • Can burst Tremor without lowering Count
  • Skill 3 inflicts good debuffs on enemies with Nails. Easier to do in an N Corp team but not impossible on her own

LCB Sinner Ryōshū

  • Okay clashing, but can do decent damage if she wins or goes unopposed

Liu Assoc. South Section 6 Meursault

  • Good Burn inflictor and can spread Burn to multiple enemies
  • Very poor clashing for a Skill 2, unless Regret is used, and even then the bonus isn't that significant

Dead Rabbits Boss Meursault

  • Rupture team debuffer like Kurokumo Gregor
  • Has trouble maintaining or even increasing Rupture as his skills, especially his Skill 3, eat them up
  • Has severe difficulty with getting the conditionals on his skills active when not in a Rupture team

Liu Assoc. South Section 5 Hong Lu

  • The best Burn Count inflictor, but it's actually overkill because Burn Count decays slow
  • Mediocre clashing prowess

LCB Sinner Ishmael

  • Decent clasher albeit with only single coin skills

Lobotomy E.G.O::Sloshing Ishmael

  • Mediocre clashing except for Skill 3
  • Skill 3 bursts Tremor but reduces Tremor Count by 4, which is a significant amount and makes her bad for Tremor teams
  • Good tank

LCB Sinner Rodion

  • Decent Bleed inflictor
  • Below average clashing

LCCB Assistant Manager Rodion

  • Below average clashing
  • Skill 3 needs an enemy to not get hit at all or the specia conditional won't activate

LCB Sinner Sinclair

  • Below average clashing but can deal decent damage if you're desperate

Molar Boatworks Fixer Sinclair

  • Decent synergy with Tremor
  • Skill 1 is poor for clashing but good in dealing damage for unopposed attacks

LCB Sinner Outis

  • Okay clash and damage dealing prowess

Liu Assoc. South Section 6 Gregor

  • Inflicts a ton of Burn Potency
  • Has even worse clashing than Liu Meursault

G Corp. Manager Corporal Gregor

  • Mediocre Clash numbers
  • Supposedly a Rupture-centric ID, but his Skill 3 just eats up all Rupture Count. Lantern Don does his job far better


LCB Sinner Yi Sang

  • Decent Sinking effets
  • Poor clash prowess

LCB Sinner Faust

  • Okay debuffs
  • Bad clashing

LCB Sinner Meursault

  • Poor clashing except for Skill 2
  • Decent Tremor infliction
  • Skill effects give him more tanking prowess
  • Regret can make his Skill 3 quite impressive

N Corp. Mittelhammer Rodion

  • Very bad clash numbers when compared to the Identities of today
  • Functions better in a full N Corp team but not by much

Zwei Assoc. South Section 5 Rodion

  • Gimmick revolves around generating Shield through Poise, she can barely generate Poise unless you give her an additional skill slot
  • Is an okay tank if you really need one and have no options

Zwei Assoc. South Section 6 Sinclair

  • Poor clashing except for skill 3
  • Okay tank

Los Mariachis Jefe Sinclair

  • Bad clash numbers except for Skill 3
  • Has a good Evade

Blade Lineage Salsu Outis

  • Meh clash numbers
  • Cannot generate Poise for herself to save her life
  • Has an okay Evade

LCB Sinner Gregor

  • Rupture ID that doesn't do a lot and eats up Count instead
  • Can heal himself

R.B. Sous-chef Gregor

  • Very poor clashing except Skill 2
  • Has a decent number of debuffs he can inflict but they're all over the place