Wuthering Heights Chief Butler Outis

Stats (At Uptie IV)
Normal [x1]Fatal [x2]Ineffective [x0.5]



47 (45+2)
Atk Weight
Coin Amount
Skill Power3 (+4 per )
[On Use] If the target has 5+ Sinking, Coin Power +1
[On Hit]
Inflict 2Sinking


47 (45+2)
Atk Weight
Coin Amount
Skill Power4 (+4 per )
[On Use] If the target has 5+ Sinking, Coin Power +1
[Clash Win] Inflict +2 Sinking Count
[On Hit]
Inflict 3Sinking
[On Hit]
Inflict 2Sinking

As Mistress Commands

49 (45+4)
Atk Weight
Coin Amount
Skill Power4 (+3 per )
[On Use] If the target has 7+ Sinking, Coin Power +1
[Clash Win] Inflict +3 Sinking Count
[On Hit]
Inflict 3 Echoes of the Manor next Turn
[On Hit]
If the target has Echoes of the Manor, inflict Gloom Affinity damage equal to Sinking Potency on target (max 30)


Insolent Fool…!

42 (45-3)
Atk Weight
Coin Amount
Skill Power4 (+10 per )
[On Evade] Inflict 1 Sinking (6 times per turn)


Passives, The Mistress' Voice…! x3 Res
- When Clashing against targets with less than 0 SP, Clash Power +1 and deal +20% more damage
- Deal +30% more damage against targets with Echoes of the Manor
- When winning a Clash without losing a single Coin, heal 10 SP. If this unit is already at max SP, gain 3 Offense Level Up next turn (2 times per turn)
Support, Butler Training x4 Owned
Clash Power +1 to 1 ally with the most SP when clashing against targets with less than -25 SP


Butler Outis is turning out to be a great Support ID for Sinking teams. To start with, her clash numbers are good enough, reaching a maximum of 13/16/16 without conditionals active, and reaching a potential of 16/20/20 with conditionals active, which are decent overall.

Her coin count and DPS as a result is good, though depending on how well you can sustain Sinking on enemies, this might be a downside on using her, as while she can inflict Sinking Count on her enemies, it's still a net negative of 1 Sinking Count for both her skill 2 and 3, with Skill 1 outright not inflicting Sinking Count at all.

Her biggest draw, however, is being able to inflict Echoes of the Manor against enemies, which is a new status effect that benefits Sinking teams primarily. This is because every time an enemy gets hit by attacks that inflict Sinking Potency or Count, there is a 50% chance that they get inflicted with 1 Sinking Count as well, helping Sinking's sustainability on enemies. For enemies without SP like Abnormalities, they also have a -10% chance of flipping Heads with their coins.

She also has a good passive that benefits herself if it can be activates, as it gives her +1 Clash Power and deals 20% more damage if enemies have less than 0 SP. This can compound if enemies have Echoes of the Manor, as she gets an additional +30% damage boost against these targets, giving her a +50% damage boost. Finally, if she is able to fully win a clash without losing any coins, she heals 10 SP or gains 3 offense level, which can translate to +1-2 clash power if she has an extra skill slot she can work with.

It is worth noting that Butler Outis has a unique SP mechanic, where she gains 8 SP upon winning a clash against an enemy with lower SP, but loses 4 SP if she loses a clash against an enemy with lower SP.

Overall, she is a great Sinking team Support and DPS, with a great new status effect to support Sinking teams in sustainability while also inflicting good debuffs on enemies while buffing herself with Echoes of the Manor.


-Strong Sinking Support with Echoes of the Manor

-Strong DPS and ramp up potential, especially with Passive active

-Inflicts a good amount of Sinking Potency with skills


-Needs Sinking Support to keep Sinking Count on enemies more consistently

-Unique SP mechanics makes it easier for her to fall off if enemies have lower SP than her but manages to be hear her in a clash