R.B. Chef de Cuisine Ryoshu – Early Analysis

Chef Ryoshu is one of two Identities recently released that seems quite familiar for Library of Ruina players, and for good reason. She is based off of Pierre, a character who also appears in said game. But how does she translate to Limbus Company?

Skills Review


Skill 1: P.C. has decent base power starting at 4. It has two coins to go through with +3 power gained per coin. It also has two on hit effects, one per coin.

The first coin inflicts 1 Bleed Count, while the second coin gives Ryoshu 1 Count of the passive Appetite.

A decent skill in terms of clash prowess, it can be worth using even at lower SP levels to clash. Appetite is a status effect that boosts the healing of her passive [Rustle Up], so it’s a nice added bonus to help Chef Ryoshu support the survivability of her teammates. It remains active and can even stack until Ryoshu’s [Rustle Up] passive activates, after which it is spent.


Skill 2: An impressively powerful skill 2 and quite reminiscent of Tingtang Hong Lu’s Shank. While its base power is quite low, starting at a measly 3, it gets a whopping +5 per heads flip and has 3 coins to go through. With high enough SP, this skill will demolish almost anything in a clash, barring some of the strongest attacks like the Headless Ichthys’s Blood Cannon.

It has two on hit effects and one heads flip effect for its coins. The first coin has an on hit effect of inflicting 1 Bind for the next turn. Not really noteworthy or anything, but it might give a chance for your slower Sinners to outspeed an enemy.

The second coin inflicts 2 Bleed on a heads flip. Not much on its own outside of a Bleed-centric team, but being able to get Bleed almost constantly on high SP from this skill leads up to the effects of the third coin.

The third coin inflicts 3 HP Healing Down for the next turn if the enemy has Bleed or Paralyze when this coin connects. Easy to activate on its own when this skill is used with high SP. Its usage at the moment is limited, however, as most enemies don’t have healing passives, barring the Everything There Inquisitors, K Corp. guards from Chapter 3, the Chicken guards in Hell’s Chicken, and Refraction Railway. It may end up seeing more use against enemies that can heal themselves in the future though.

All in all, a great skill for clashing and inflicting damage. Not so much in terms of utility though, especially since the spread of status effects that this skill inflicts is a bit weird.

I Can Cook Anything

Skill 3: Chef Ryoshu’s skill 3 is all about dealing lots and lots of damage. It starts off with a small base power of 3 but has 4 coins to go through, with each heads flip adding +3 to its power.

Now, the fun part. The damage of this skill is boosted in two different ways: The first is by the enemy’s missing HP. The second is how many head flips you can get for the first three coins. The first coin boosts the fourth coin’s damage by 10%, while the second and third coin each boost the fourth coin’s damage by 5%.

As a clashing skill, it’s pretty good. The raw numbers of this skill’s power may not be as high as Chef Ryoshu’s skill 2, but she has more than enough coins to make up for it and then some. And when it wins clashes with all 4 coins intact? That’s when this skill has the potential to do really disgusting damage, especially if they all manage to flip heads while attacking.

Defense (F.I. in Sight, Evade): A decent evade skill with 4 base power that adds a +10 if it rolls heads for its single coin. It has an additional effect of giving Haste on a successful Evade. The buff feels more like a tiny bonus to help Ryoshu outspeed her enemies.

Passive (Rustle Up, 5 Owned Lust): “After defeating an enemy, heal the ally with the lowest HP for 15 HP. (Once per turn.)

If this unit has Appetite, spend it to boost the healing based on its Count.”

A somewhat expensive passive to activate, but very helpful in keeping your team alive when you do manage to accumulate 5 Lust. 

Chef Ryoshu herself is a pretty good clasher and damage dealer for both her skill 2 and 3, making it easy enough to activate once you meet the minimum resource count.

The healing itself is decent as is and can even be boosted: +1 HP per Appetite Count that Ryoshu has. If Chef Gregor is on Support duty, he also boosts Chef Ryoshu’s healing by an additional 5. (Chef Gregor’s support passive costs the same as Chef Ryoshu’s passive.)

Support (Artistic Flavor, 5 Owned Lust): “When an enemy is defeated, the ally with the lowest HP heals 15 HP. (Once per turn.)”

It’s the same as Chef Ryoshu's passive, but without any of the boosts from Appetite or Chef Gregor. It does mean that anyone can land the kill on an enemy to heal an ally though, compared to Chef Ryoshu’s passive needing her to be the one to land the killing blow to heal. Also good if you need more sustainability support.


  • Amazing clasher.
  • Skill 3 can do absurd damage, especially if all coins flip heads. Easier to do when Ryoshu has high or max SP.
  • Nice healing passive, helpful in keeping teammates alive.
  • No single-coin skills.


  • Weak utility for her team when fielded.
  • HP Healing Down status effect is a bit too niche to matter for most content at the moment.

Potential Sinner Synergies

Gregor - R.B. Sous-chef,Rodion - N Corp. Mittelhammer,Don Quixote - W Corp. Cleanup Agent,Heathcliff - R Corp. 4th Pack Rabbit


Chef Ryoshu has some interesting things going for her. She has multiple coins for all her skills. Her skill 2 and 3 especially have both clash prowess and high coin count, making her a monster when it comes to clashes.

When it comes to dealing pure damage, it’s her skill 3 that wrecks shop because of the bonuses attached to it, though her skill 2 is also impressive especially as a clashing skill thanks to its high potential values with high SP levels.

In terms of utility though, she doesn’t have much going for her. Her skill 1 and 2 inflict some Bleed, which can be useful for Bleed-oriented teams. Her skill 1 also gives her Appetite, making her healing passive more potent.

Her skill 2 relies on her target having Bleed for the third coin’s effect to activate. And even if it does activate, HP Healing Down is only a decent passive against enemies that actually heal themselves, of which there aren’t that many in the current content. 

Both of her passives are pretty good in keeping your allies alive and have the same cost of only requiring 5 Lust to activate. With Chef Gregor as Support and Appetite boosting the healing numbers, you won't have much difficulty in keeping your allies alive if you can manage the minimum amount of sin resources needed.

Long story short, Chef Ryoshu's speciality is being a good damage-dealing and clash-winning Slash and Pierce Identity. Her utility with her skills inflicting Bleed and HP Healing Down are neat bonuses, but aren’t much to write home about. Both of her passives are great healing passives though, and her personal passive works even better if Chef Gregor is on Support.