R.B Sous-chef Gregor

Character Overview

R.B Sous-chef Gregor is a free/welfare identity that is provided as a reward in the 3.5 Hell’s Chicken event. R.B Gregor is an overall solid identity that fills the role of a Bleed support with his Skill 2 (You Fresh Enough?) increasing Bleed count by 2. While his total power on most of his skills isn't anything to write home about, both his passive (Packed Pies and support skill (Culinary Aid) provide both good self and team sustain.

Strengths Weaknesses
Has good Bleed support
Great self-sustain
Accessible by doing the current event
Low total power on coins

Skills Review

Keep It Fresh

Skill 1 (Keep it Fresh): This is R.B Gregor’s weakest skill in his skillset, it has a low total base power of 8 with a base of 4 and a +2 on heads hit (2 coins). However, it does generate a lust resource to help build towards his passive/support skills or “Suddenly, One Day” EGO. 

You Fresh Enough?

Skill 2 (You Fresh Enough?): This skill allows R.B Gregor to provide Bleed Count support and synergize well in Bleed teams. It also has a high total power of 14 with a base 6 and a +8 on heads hit (1 coin). It generates a Gluttony resource when used which helps build resources towards Legerdemain EGO.

Butcher Viand

Skill 3 (Butchers Viand): R.B Gregor’s 3rd skill has strong effects tied to it such as Bleed, Paralyze and self healing which helps with self-sustain. Unfortunately this skill is tied to a low total power of 9 with a base of 5 and a +1 on each heads hit (4 coins).

Defense (Guard): Nothing too special here it's your average guard skill with a base power of 8 and a +5 on heads hit

Passive (Packed Pies): Has a decent healing effect which restores 8 HP at the start at the start of the combat phase. It requires x4 lust owned to activate, R.B Sous-Chef Gregor is able to accumulate lust resources with his Skill 1 (Keep it Fresh). 

Support (Culinary Aid): Similar to R.B Sous-chef passive skill, his support skill (Culinary Aid) requires (5) lust owned to activate. Its effect heals the HP of the ally with the lowest HP by 5, with the additional benefit of boosting the healing effect of R.B Chef de Cuisine Ryoshu’s passive skill “Rustle Up” by 5. 

Overall a great skill which provides consistent healing that may find play in content such as Refraction Railway where it is much easier to manage stacks of a certain resource.

Team Synergies

Ryōshū - R.B. Chef de Cuisine,Ryōshū - Kurokumo Wakashu,Sinclair - Blade Lineage Salsu

R.B Chef de Cuisine - Ryoshu: Both R.B Gregor and Ryoshu both synergize well with each other as they both apply Bleed stacks and can increase Bleed Count. As mentioned in R.B Gregor’s Support skill boost R.B Ryoshu’s passive healing by 5.

Kurokumo Wakashu - Ryoshu, Blade Lineage Salsu - Sinclair and other Bleed Comps: R.B Gregor can fit into most Bleed teams as his 2nd skill increases Bleed Count by 2.

Recommended EGO

Legerdemain: We all knew this was coming Legerdemain provides too much AoE damage to not be recommended as an EGO for Gregor. It is important to note that R.B Sous-chef Gregor will need help generating the required resources to cast Legerdemain as he does not have a Sloth skill.