Rosespanner Workshop Rep. Rodion – Analysis

Rosespanner Rodya is the featured 3* for the first banner of Season 2 for Limbus Company and arrives alongside Rosespanner Meursault. Interestingly, her kit seems focused on Charge and Tremor, so let's see if we can make sense of it.

Rev Up

Skill 1: Rosespanner Rodya's skill 1 is pretty good. Not only does it have decent clash power, being able to reach 10 power if both of its coins flip heads, it gives her Charge Count and inflicts Tremor on her enemies. If her skill 1 connects, she's all set to activate the effects of her skill 2 and/or passive. It's a Pride skill too, so she can help fund EGO that utilize a lot of it like Outis's Ebony Stem.

One important thing to note: She only gains Charge on her first coin, so if she loses the first coin while clashing against an enemy, she won't be able to gain Charge at all, even if the attack connects.

Vibration Compression

Skill 2: A good Tremor inflicting skill when Rodya has less than 3 Charge. A broken Tremor inflicting and bursting skill if Rodya has 3 or more Charge.

This skill is clearly meant to be paired up with her skill 1, since it gives 4 Charge on hit. Charge decays by 1 per turn, giving Rodya exactly 3 Charge to activate the additional effect of her skill 2 on the next turn.

Note: the coins from the effect will only be reused if they land hands, otherwise their effects won't be fully utilized. The skill also does not use Charge. It only looks at whether you have enough Charge or not.

If you've ever used Kurokumo Hong Lu, you can think of this skill as a mini Cloud Cutter.

Let's Rack Up Some Scores

Skill 3: Quite the powerful skill 3. Two coins, great overall power, and the ability to inflict Tremor while bursting it twice on the same skill. It's a great followup skill after allies have inflicted a good amount of Tremor on enemies.

It has an on use effect of giving Rodya 6 Charge, meaning that you can use her skill 2 or activate the effects of her passive immediately after.

The 3rd coin dealing 25% bonus damage against a Staggered enemy is a nice bonus on top of it all.

Defense (Preheat, Block): A Block skill that starts off with a high 10 base power, while adding +4 for its single coin.

It has an additional effect of giving Rodya 2 Charge Count that can help fuel her skill 2 or passive's effects, but is otherwise not really noteworthy.

Passive (Here's to Getting Off Early~, 4 Owned Pride): ”When bursting Tremor, spend 3 Charge to further increase the Stagger Threshold raise by 40%. After bursting Tremor, gain 1 Haste and Blunt DMG Up next turn.”

A great passive that complements Rodya very nicely. None of her skills spend Charge, so instead of decaying naturally, they can instead be used to boost her prowess even further by raising the enemy's stagger threshold while buffing her for the next turn.

The cost is quite cheap for its potential too, and she can even fund it herself thanks to her skill 1 being Pride.

Support (Resonant Spanner, 4 Owned Pride): “When 1 ally with the lowest Speed bursts Tremor, increase the Stagger Threshold raise by +20%.“

A decent and not too expensive support passive to have in a Tremor team. It's useless outside of that though, so don't bring her on Support duty if you don't plan to use a Tremor team.


  • Amazing Tremor inflictor and burster, especially when her skill 2 and 3 is concerned.
  • Damage potential of her skill 2 is amazing when Rosespanner Rodya is at 3+ Charge.
  • Passive makes her skills that burst Tremor even more powerful while buffing Rodya at the same time.
  • Self sufficient Identity: Can fuel her own passive, EGOs and gives herself more than enough Charge to activate her passive and skill 2's effects.
  • Doesn't require a Tremor-focused team to be really good, but turns into a monster when paired with Tremor team members such as LCCB Ishmael.


  • Losing a single clash in skill 1 means Rodya can't get any Charge from the skill.
  • Skill 2 requires coin 2 onwards to flip heads to keep the momentum of the skill, otherwise it stops being reused.
  • Passive may occasionally conflict with Skill 2, as it uses the Charge that may be needed to activate Skill 2's effects.

Potential Sinner Synergies

Don Quixote - N Corp. Mittelhammer,Ishmael - LCCB Assistant Manager,Meursault - Rosespanner Workshop Fixer


Holy hell, this Identity is really good.

To start, she provides the resources for her own passive, EGOs, and Charge requirements, meaning that she's completely self-sufficient and doesn't need to be put in a focused-team to work. All of her skills are, at minimum, decent clashers and Tremor inflictors, but can reach disgusting levels of Blunt damage especially with her skill 2 when at high sanity and being able to consistently hit heads.

For Tremor itself, Rodya actually makes it easy to burst Tremor since her skill 2 and 3 can do it, especially considering that its biggest problem up until this point was how difficult and tedious it was to burst. You put her in a Tremor team and watch the sparks fly. LCCB Ishmael for instance has the ability to output insane amounts of Tremor. Rosespanner Meursault is also able to inflict decent amounts of Tremor. When you can consistently burst Tremor with your tean and inflict a good number of it as well, it turns Rodya into a monster.

Then, there's her passive. It actually gives use for the Charge Count that she will inevitably accumulate and keep to buff her, since the Charge decay per turn is slower than the amount she can get. It's easy to gain resources for and activate too: As mentioned earlier, she can fund the resources herself thanks to her skill 1 being Pride, and she can easily achieve the requirements of the skill activating when bursting Tremor because two of her skills can burst Tremor.

Overall, a really solid Identity. She's self-sufficient enough to be really good, even when placed in a team that does not focus on Tremor, yet somehow manages to become even more powerful when placed in a team that does focus on Tremor.