Rosespanner Workshop Fixer Meursault – Analysis

To pop things off at the start of Limbus Season 2, we have Rosespanner Fixer Meursault, the 2* Identity part of the first banner of Season 2. It seems that his Identity will be focused on Tremor infliction. Let's find out if he can make it work.

Saddled Tasks

Skill 1: Rosespanner Meursault's Skill 1 isn't much to write home about. It has a decent base power of 4, with an added 6 for a heads flip. It also only has one coin to go through as well. The skill does have the potential to inflict 4 Tremor, but it requires hitting heads on its single coin, as you'll simply inflict 2 Tremor otherwise.

It does provide the much needed Gloom resource if you're ever in need of them.

Not recommended to use in clashes when at low SP levels if possible.

Forced Break

Skill 2: Skill 2 is much more respectable. It starts off at a nice 5 base power and adds +4 power for every heads flip. The skill itself has two coins to go through.

Just like Skill 1, this skill can help in Tremor infliction. The first coin has a potential to inflict 5 Tremor, but requires hitting heads for the coin, otherwise you'll only be able to inflict 3 Tremor.

The second coin's effect is interesting. It can inflict Attack Power Down if an enemy has 5+ Tremor. Rosespanner Meursault can already do this with the same skill from earlier if he can manage to hit heads with his first coin. This means that it would be a more consistent skill in higher SP levels.

Finally, it's decent coin number and good total power make it good for clashes. It's worth using even at lower SP levels.

Finishing Runup

Skill 3: Skill 3 only starts with 4 base power, but has a whopping 4 coins to go through, with each coin adding +2 power per heads flip. Its clash prowess is alright, but not as consistent when at lower SP levels due to its weak added power for a heads flip. It's still pretty powerful if it manages to connect though, especially if all of its coins hit heads.

Coins 1-3 have the same effects, but with different Count and Potency. They have an on hit effect of Tremor, inflicting 1, 2, and 3 Tremor per coin respectively. They also give Rosespanner Meursault Charge Count, giving him 1, 2, and 2 Charge Count respectively if each coin hits heads.

Coin 4 has him burst Tremor, while having an additional effect of raising the enemy's Stagger Threshold according to how much Charge he was holding. It's a great skill to inflict and burst Tremor all at once and does amazing damage when it connects. The problem is that as a clashing skill, it's only slightly above average, and Rosespanner Meursault might have difficulty winning using this skill at lower SP levels.

Defense (Block): A skill with 8 base power that adds +5 power when its single coin hits heads. Nothing noteworthy about it.

Passive (Chronic Fatigue, 5 Owned Gloom): "In a clash, the opponent has -1 Clash Power if they have 5+ Tremor. When recovering from Stagger, heal 5% of Max HP."

A decent passive, if a bit difficult to get resources for and situational to activate.

If you have a Tremor team to go with him like with other Rosespanner Identities or LCCB Ishmael, this passive will be easier to activate as enemies will have different amounts of Tremor already. Potentially having better clash prowess against said enemies is always a good thing.

The 5% of HP healing after recovering from stagger is a nice bonus, but not really noteworthy in comparison. You don't need to rely on the healing much.

Rosespanner Meursault can provide resources to activate said Passive, thanks to his Skill 1 being Gloom.

Support (Leave by Suggestion, 3 Gloom Resonance): "1 ally with the highest Speed lowers the Clash Power of opponents with Tremor by 1.

A decent Support to help win clashes if you have the Gloom skills to get it to activate. Unlike Rosespanner Meursault's passive, his support only requires that the enemies already have Tremor rather than have a specific amount of Tremor minimum.

It might be difficult to activate if you don't have enough Gloom skills though, and it's going to be useless on a team that won't be focusing on Tremor.


  • Great Tremor applier and burster.
  • Works great in a Tremor-focused team, but still decent enough even on his own.
  • Skill 3 can do some pretty big damage numbers all while applying and bursting Tremor.
  • Skill 2 combined with activated Passive makes him much more likely to win clashes, especially with his Skill 3.


  • Mediocre clash prowess for skill 1 while skill 3 needs the assistance of his passive and skill 2 effects to win clashes more consistently, as it only has a maximum power of 12.
  • Needs to ramp up SP for his Tremor-inflicting skills, as a good number of them require heads flips to inflict additional Tremor.

Potential Sinner Synergies

Ishmael - LCCB Assistant Manager,Don Quixote - N Corp. Mittelhammer,Rodion - Rosespanner Workshop Rep


Rosespanner Meursault is pretty good for a 2* Blunt-focused Identity. Being able to inflict respectable amounts of Tremor and burst it with his skill 3 makes him particularly suited to fighting the enemies of Canto IV.

Even without a Tremor-focused team, he works decent enough alone since he can fund the resources for his Passive and burst Tremor with his skill 3. But he really does work best when paired with the likes of Rosespanner Rodya or LCCB Ishmael to create a Tremor-focused team. Even simply being a Tremor-inflictor would have been enough to make it so he deserves a spot, but he can be a pretty good support and damage dealer too.

His skill 1 is spammable since it appears a lot, which is good because Gloom is an EGO resource that is clamored for a lot. Plus, he can even fuel his Pursuance EGO all by his lonesome.

His skill 2 can help debuff enemies and set up for his skill 3 to dunk on an enemy on the next turn, especially if he has his passive active.

His skill 3 has the potential to deal massive amounts of damage, but you need to watch his clashes and be careful with his SP. You won't have to worry about the Charge aspect too much, as he gives himself Charge and spends it all on the same skill when bursting Tremor. All in all, a solid Tremor and Blunt Identity. Bring him with Rosespanner Rodya and watch the sparks fly.