Rosespanner Workshop Fixer Gregor – Analysis

Rosespanner Gregor joins us as the third Rosespanner Identity that we can pull for. He utilizes a combination of Rupture, Tremor, and Charge for his skills.

Rev Up

Skill 1: Rosespanner Gregor's skill 1 is pretty decent. Two coins with nice clash prowess.

The skill guarantees him Charge even if he loses the clash. The 2 Rupture inflicted by the skill is a nice bonus too.

The skill isn't game changing or anything, but it gets the job done.

Grease Chains

Skill 2: The skill only has a single coin, but with impressive power if it flips heads. It can be good for clashing at high SP levels when you can flip heads consistently, but risky if you have low SP.

Like his skill 1, this skill automatically gives Gregor Charge when it is used, even if he loses a clash against an enemy.

It also inflicts Tremor and Rupture Count, although the amount inflicted for both is minimal.

Let's Grind 'Em

Skill 3: Three coins, decent clash values, and good damage overall. Even better damage too if the enemy is staggered while this skill is hitting them.

It functions as both a Tremor burster and a Rupture Count inflicting skill. This is where the Charge accumulated from Gregor's skill 1 and skill 2 come to play.

Note: Only the first coin of the skill inflicts Rupture Count, not Potency, which is the amount of times an enemy can be damaged and be dealt damage according to the skill's potency.

The skill's second and third coins inflict Rupture too, but as Potency this time which can help boost the damage of Rupture overall before it expires. It also has an added bonus of dealing more damage if the enemy is staggered.

A decent skill overall. It finds a way to utilize Gregor's Charge while being able to burst Tremor and inflict Rupture.

Defense (Guard, Block): A Block skill that starts off with decent 8 base power, while adding +5 for its single coin if it hits heads. Nothing noteworthy about it.

Passive (Sawblade Fired Up, 4 Owned Gluttony): ”Inflict +1 Rupture to targets with Tremor”

A decent passive that complements Gregor's Rupture-inflicting skills.

However, it won't be so good if he's the only Tremor Identity in the battlefield, as only his skill 2 inflicts Tremor.

Nice to have as a bonus if you happen to get 4 Gluttony, but not something to actively aim for.

Support (Sawblade Maintenance, 4 Owned Gluttony): “1 ally with the lowest Speed inflicts +1 Rupture to targets with Tremor“

An okay-ish passive, but requires having both Rupture and Tremor Identities on the battlefield to make work.

Might be too much effort for a measly 1 additional Rupture.


  • Decent clash values and potential damage.
  • Good Rupture support for Rupture-focused teams.
  • Can burst Tremor for Tremor-focused teams.


  • Risky single-coin skill 2.
  • Meager Tremor inflictor and thus cannot support Tremor teams well compared to the other Rosespanner Identities.
  • Average overall if placed in a team that does not involve Tremor or Rupture.

Potential Sinner Synergies

Don Quixote - N Corp. Mittelhammer,Ishmael - LCCB Assistant Manager,Meursault - Rosespanner Workshop Fixer,Rodion - Rosespanner Workshop Rep


Chainsaw Man is here, and he's inflicting Rupture everywhere! Most of his skills either inflict Rupture Potency or Count, which makes him pretty good in Rupture teams.

He has a small bonus of inflicting Tremor with his skill 2 and bursting it with his skill 3, but honestly, it's so meager that it would easily be forgotten unless he's in a Tremor team. His skill 2 does help him activate his passive, however.

His coins, clash prowess, and damage for his skills are decent enough. His skill 3 is notable in dealing additional damage against staggered enemies.

Other than that, there's not much going for him. If he's outside a designated Tremor or Rupture team, he'll still do okay, but he'll be average overall. His Rupture inflictions will be more like extra damage bonuses, since he has no synergy outside of a Rupture or even Tremor team.