N Corp. Mittelhammer Don Quixote – Early Analysis

N Corp. Don is one of two N Corp. Identities that graces the game in the final Identity banner of Season 1 and seems to be Tremor-focused. Most eyes are currently on N Corp. Sinclair, but how does N Corp. Don fare?

Skills Review

Rightful Purge

Skill 1: Rightful Purge starts at a low base power of 3, but it has 2 coins to go through, each adding +4 per heads flip.

Both coins inflict 1 Tremor per hit. The first coin also has an additional effect of inflicting 1 Nails, but only on a heads flip.

A bit risky to be used in clashing at low SP levels, but more consistent at higher SP levels. especially since it has decent final power of if all coins flip heads. Both of her coins also inflict Tremor but not much.


Skill 2: Enactment! starts off with a decent base power of 3 and only has one coin to go through, but said coin adds +12 power if it flips heads. Really good at high SP levels, but very risky at low SP levels due to its single coin.

Its single coin has two different effects: it bursts Tremor and deals 20% damage to enemies with 5+ Nails, making it a decent skill for Tremor-focused allies and Nails-focused allies.

In terms of clash prowess, like most other single coin skills, N Corp. Don's skill 2 is about high-risk, high-reward. It has high total power compared to most skills, but this assumes that you flip heads on its single coin, otherwise you're left with a measly 4 power.

Fanatical Judgement

Skill 3: Another skill that starts off with 4 base power, but this one has 3 coins to go through and adds +3 power per heads flip. A decent clashing skill at both low and high SP levels.

Its 3 coins have different types of effect. The first coin has an On Hit effect of inflicting 1 Nails. The second coin has an On Hit effect of inflicting +1 Tremor Count with an additional effect of inflicting 1 Nails if the coin flips heads.

The third coin is interesting. If the target of this skill has 5+ Nails and this coin flips heads, it inflicts 1 Attack Power Down and 2 Paralyze for the next turn, meaning that this skill is great for supporting allies to help win clashes.

Of course, the requirement of getting 5+ Nails on an enemy in the first place can be difficult and is borderline impossible with N Corp. Don is doing it alone, but it is much easier to attain with other N Corp. allies, whose skills also have effects on enemies that have 5+ Nails.

Defense (Guard, Block): A simple Block skill that starts off at 10 base power and adds +5 for its single coin. Nothing special about it.

Passive (Thou Shalt Hammer!, 3 Owned Lust): If the target has Nails, inflict +1 Tremor Count. If this unit is Fanatic, inflict +1 Nails.”

This passive is decent enough, as it helps support Don in inflicting both Tremor and Nails. The 3 Lust cost isn't too expensive, especially considering N Corp. Don have a Lust Skill 1, making it much easier to obtain.

It's not game-breaking or anything but it can be good to have and might be obtained naturally, especially when other N Corp. Identities are fielded alongside N Corp. Don.

Support (Hammer of Zealotry, 4 Owned Lust): “One Fanatic ally with the least SP deals +10% damage.”

A great Support skill for her fellow N Corp. Allies. It shines the most with N Corp. Sinclair, as he will almost always be the one with the least amount of SP at any given time, thanks to his SP reduction skills while also having the ability to apply Fanatic on himself.

Getting 4 Lust won't be too big of a problem, especially when using N Corp. N Corp. Sinclair and N Corp. Faust in particular have Lust skills for their Skill 2, making it much easier to get 4 Lust.


  • Great debuffer with her Skill 3 in an N Corp. team that focuses on Nails.
  • Decent Tremor and Nails inflictor.
  • Can fuel her own Passive quickly thanks to her Skill 1.
  • Great Support Passive, especially when used in a team with N Corp. Sinclair.


  • No notably powerful skills.
  • Has difficulty sustaining Tremor on her own, unless paired up with another Identity that also focuses on Tremor.

Potential Sinner Synergies

Sinclair - The One Who Shall Grip,Faust - The One Who Grips,Rodion - N Corp. Mittelhammer,Meursault - N Corp. Großhammer,Heathcliff - N Corp. Kleinhammer,Ishmael - LCCB Assistant Manager


N Corp. Don Quixote's skills seem to focus on two things: Nails application and Tremor application.

For Tremor, her Skill 1 and 3 inflict it and her Skill 2 bursts it. Her passive also makes her apply more Tremor to enemies with her skills that inflict it. Unfortunately, she doesn't apply that much Tremor on her own, nor can she maintain it on her enemies, meaning that she needs support from other Tremor-inflicting allies like LCCB Assistant Manager Ishmael to make work. Tremor itself also isn't that good for current content, but that may change in the future.

The same applies to Nails. She can inflict 1 Nails for her Skill 1 and 2 Nails for her Skill 3, but the special effects of her skills require her enemies to have 5+ Nails, meaning that it is unlikely that she'll be able to activate those effects without allies that inflict Nails, aka her other N Corp. buddies.

As a clasher and damage dealer, the prowess of her skills are decent, but not really special. Skill 1 and 3 have a decent amount of coins, but the max power for both isn't noteworthy. Skill 2 has a high max power, but it only has a single coin and might be risky to use. It seems clear that the way her skills are oriented, especially with her Skill 3's effects, make her lean more towards support in inflicting Nails, Attack Power Down, and Paralyze.

All in all, N Corp. Don is an okay-ish unit. You might have better options other than her, but if you're running an N Corp. team or a Tremor-based team, she'll still have something to offer. If she's on the sidelines with her Support passive, she can turn N Corp. Sinclair into a bigger monster than he already is.