The One Who Grips Faust – Early Analysis

The leader of the fanatical N Corp. group that struck fear in the hearts of the Sinners in Chapter 3 joins the team as a solid clasher and support.

Skills Review


Skill 1: Cackle has two coins (+3 power per heads hit) to boost its power while also having two on-hit effects: 1 Nails for its first coin, and 2 Bleed for its second coin. 

The skill starts off with high base power, giving it better consistency in winning against clashes that are single-coin or have weaker base power. 

As an added bonus, the skill has a Clash Win effect of dealing 3 SP damage to a human enemy, but this skill has no effect against Abnormality enemies.

The Gripping

Skill 2: This skill also starts off at 4 base power but has 3 coins to go through and a +4 increase in power per Heads flip, making it an even better clasher than N Corp. Faust’s Skill 1.

The second coin of this skill has an on-hit effect of inflicting 3 Nails on an enemy, further strengthening allied N Corp. Identities that rely on enemies having Nails for their skill effects to work. The third coin of this skill has two effects: the first effect inflicts Paralyze on an enemy if the coin flips heads, while the second effect is an on-hit effect that inflicts Gaze, a powerful status effect.

Gaze is the status effect that turns N Corp. Faust into a solid support, as it boosts Pierce and Blunt damage on an enemy by 20% for the next turn. Not only that, if an ally kills an enemy that has this status effect, they recover SP. Furthermore, if said ally is an N Corp. Identity, they also gain Fanatic for the next turn.


Skill 3: This skill has a much higher base power than N Corp. Faust’s previous skills, as it starts off at 6 and also has 3 coins to go through. However, the heads flips for this skill give a meager boost in comparison, only giving +2 power per heads flip. Still, it remains a solid clasher in its own right, being able to overpower most enemy skills that don’t flip heads without needing to flip heads itself.

All three coins have effects that are related to Nails and are very notable. The first coin has an On Hit effect that inflicts 2 Nails. The second one requires a heads flip to inflict 2 Nails, while the third one simply boosts N Corp. Faust’s damage against enemies that have 5+ Nails.

This skill also has an on kill effect of healing allies with 10 SP damage while also giving them 1 Pierce Damage Up and 1 Blunt Damage Up for the next turn.

Defense (Such Filth, Evasion): A decent evasion skill that starts off at 4 power, but has +10 added to it if its single coin hits heads. It has an additional effect of making enemies lose 3 SP on a successful evasion, but this only applies to human enemies.

Passive (Whistles): A theoretically amazing passive with an outrageous cost to activate. 

Healing SP damage and giving N Corp. allies Fanatic should make this a really good passive, but the fact that it costs 5 Lust to activate means that it is practically impossible to activate in Abnormality battles that only allow 5 skill slots if you field in all N Corp. Identities, as N Corp. Meursault does not have a single Lust skill. 

It is still theoretically possible to activate in human battles, however, given enough time passes and more skill slots are added.

Support (Whispers): A much more reasonable passive to activate, as it only requires 3 Lust. In return, it is a slightly inferior version of Whistles, as it gives the same benefits but only to one ally.


  • No single-coin skills and decent base power for each skill makes her really good at clashing.
  • Great inflictor of Nails and Bleed with her skills, helping N Corp. allies whose skills rely on enemies having Nails.
  • Her skills and passives are all helpful in reducing enemy SP while healing her as well as her allies’ SP.
  • Her Skill 2 and Skill 3 are great at boosting ally Pierce and Blunt skills.
  • Her Skill 2 inflicts Paralyze on the next turn if it flips heads.


  • Passive is practically impossible to activate in fights that limit your skill slots to 5, especially if fielded alongside N Corp. Meursault.
  • Requires another Sinner to run Gloom skills if wanting to activate the EGO [Fluid Sac] or Envy skills for [Representation Emitter], as she lacks the skills to activate both on her own.

Potential Sinner Synergies

Meursault - N Corp. Großhammer,Rodion - N Corp. Mittelhammer,Heathcliff - R Corp. 4th Pack Rabbit,Heathcliff - N Corp. Kleinhammer


Where to begin? N Corp. Faust is an extraordinary unit both for clashing and support, so much so that you can slot her in almost any team and she’s likely to be able to contribute somehow.

All of her skills have multiple coins and have high power overall, making her a mostly solid clasher, only being stopped by the most powerful of skills.

Most of her skills focus on Nails application, which seems to be a staple for N Corp. Identities. However, it seems that she is able to apply them more consistently and in higher numbers, making it easier for the skills of her allies that require an enemy having Nails or a specific amount of Nails (including herself!) to activate. She was built to synergize with her N Corp. allies.

Even outside of N Corp., she can still be slotted into a team that focuses on Piece or Blunt damage, as the Gaze status effect and her on kill effect for her Skill 3 outright boosts the damage that these two types of skills inflict against enemies.

Finally, she is also a great SP healer, as her passives and skills are able to greatly heal the SP of her allies while decreasing the SP of her enemies (the human ones, at least).

All in all, a solid clasher and support. You can bring her almost anywhere, and she’s bound to give you results.