Effloresced E.G.O::Spicebush Yi Sang – Analysis

Yi Sang is finally getting his first new 3* in the game. Considering that Canto IV is all about him, let's hope his new Identity lives up to expectations.

Sprouting Bud

Skill 1: A Gluttony skill that inflicts Sinking and gives Yi Sang Tremor Count.

While not particularly remarkable when it comes to clashes, it has a high coin count to help boost it chances in a clash as well as deal more damage if it wins.

Sinking is a normally underwhelming status effect, especially against Abnormalities, but Yi Sang actually wants to inflict it on his enemies as much as possible for his skill 3's gimmick.

The same goes for Tremor. Perhaps to avoid the decay of Charge per turn, Tremor is instead used to help fuel the gimmick of Yi Sang's skill 2.

Overall, a decent skill. High coin count and its effects support Yi Sang's gimmicks.

Moment’s Floral Breeze

Skill 2: A doozy of a skill. This is our very first Area of Effect (AoE) skill that isn't from an EGO.

First off, the coin prowess of this skill is wonderful. 3 coins and potentially 16 max power is nothing to scoff at, especially if the skill turns into an AoE attack.

Next, it inflicts Sinking on enemies. Like Yi Sang's skill 1, this helps power his gimmick on his skill 3.

Finally, its special effect of being a single-target skill that turns into an AoE skill activates when Yi Sang has 6 Tremor, which his skill 3 can provide on its own and his skill 1 can provide, assuming he gets to use it twice.

Even if the AoE effect does not activate, it is still a very powerful skill in its own right.

Bloodsteeped Scent

Skill 3: Yi Sang's skill 3 also has a gimmick that makes it interesting.

Its coin prowess is nearly similar to his skill 2, but with slightly higher base and overall power making it better for clashes.

The skill inflicts Sinking and a new powerful status effect: Sinking Deluge that either heavily drops a single enemy's SP or deals Gloom damage. It has the potential to deal ridiculous amounts of damage if it is stacked with enough Sinking Count.

As an added bonus, the skill's third coin deals bonus damage if Yi Sang manages to stack enough Tremor on him (which this skill gives him a substantial amount of), meaning that whether Yi Sang uses the Tremor for his skill 2 or stacks it, he'll be able to find a way to use it either way.

It has a unique negative condition of decreasing Yi Sang's SP if he loses a clash with it, but it's a powerful enough skill that it's worth the risk to use, even at lower SP levels.

Defense (Scattering Aroma, Evade): A decently powerful Evade skill that also inflicts Sinking on enemies, helping fuel his Sinking infliction rate.

Passive (Full Bloom, 4 Owned Sloth): ”When attacking 2 or more targets at once, deal 30% damage.”

This passive is meant to capitalize on the AoE effects of Yi Sang's skill 2. It already deals tremendous amount of damage on its own and as an AoE, and now it has the chance to deal even more damage when the passive activates.

Yi Sang's newest EGO from the Battle Pass, Sunshower, also likes this very much, since it uses a powerful AoE skill. It uses Sloth resources though, which may conflict with the activation of this powerful passive.

If you activate it, expect some nice damage numbers dealt by Yi Sang when he turns his skill 2 into an AoE.

Support (Pungent Spring Breeze, 3 Resonance Sloth): “1 ally with the least SP deals +10% damage when attacking 2 or more targets at once.“

A decent Support but is quite inferior to his passive, as it requires Sloth Resonance to activate and only gives a bonus of +10% damage. Still, it can be worth utilizing for allies that have powerful AoE EGOs (or skills in the future).


  • Three coins for all his skills.
  • Great clash and damage prowess, especially for his skill 2 and 3.
  • Able to properly utilize Sinking to deal powerful Gloom damage or heavily reduce an enemy's SP.
  • Can use Tremor for skill 2 or stack it to make skill 3 even more powerful.
  • Skill 2 can turn into a very powerful AoE attack.
  • Passive can be fueled by himself, which makes his skill 2 shine even more than it currently does.


  • Mediocre base and overall power for skill 1.
  • Self-inflicted Tremor can be set off by an enemy that can burst it.
  • Skill 3 decreases Yi Sang's SP if he loses a clash with it.

Potential Sinner Synergies

Ishmael - R Corp. 4th Pack Reindeer,Gregor - G Corp. Manager Corporal


It seems that Yi Sang gets the justice he deserves with a really powerful Identity this time.

All of his skills have 3 coins. The more, the merrier, as they say, and more means he's more consistent in clashing and has the potential to deal loads of damage for his skills, especially his skill 2 and 3.

As mentioned earlier, Sinking hasn't been particularly impressive, especially when there's only one Identity so far that inflicts a decent amount of Sinking (R Corp. Ishmael), but thanks to Spicebush Yi Sang and the unique status effect he inflicts called Sinking Deluge, its potential just shot up enormously.

Next, we can look at another unique aspect of him: his skill 2 that can be turned into an AoE attack. 4+4+4+4 is already nothing to scoff at, but then you turn that into an AoE in a stage with multiple enemies and you'll see yourself dealing absurd amounts of damage. Combine that with his passive that makes him deal +30% damage with AoE skills and... you get the picture.

Of course it comes with the caveat that you need to have enough Tremor to turn it into an AoE in the first place... but it's quite easy to get. As mentioned earlier, his skills give himself Tremor, which makes him more vulnerable to enemies that can burst Tremor, but helps avoid the pitfalls of a different stacking status effect like Charge which decays every turn. If Yi Sang stacks too much Tremor onto himself, his skill 3 will be more than happy to use it to deal even more damage.

Overall, a very solid Identity. He has many gimmicks to play around, but his skills all support them, whether it's the AoE of his skill 2, Sinking stacking to activate Sinking Deluge, or Tremor stacking to increase the power of his skill 3's third coin.

Congrats on finally getting something ideal, Yi Sang.