Lobotomy E.G.O::Red Sheet Sinclair – Analysis

Another Lobotomy Corporation EGO Identity, this time based on the talisman enemies seen in Canto IV. Sinclair lifts his mechanics from them too, applying Talisman to him and his enemies as well as inflicting Rupture.

Magnify Wound

Skill 1: A single-coin Gluttony skill with okayish clash power and the ability to inflict Rupture

It can also inflict Rupture and give Sinclair Talisman if the enemy has enough Rupture when this skill connects, but it's usually difficult to build up Rupture in the first place, so don't count too much on the additional effects of this skill.

Proliferating Talismans

Skill 2: A Pride skill with better clash prowess and even more coins than Sinclair's skill 1.

This skill is where you get the most amount of Talisman on Sinclair, up to a maximum of 4. 1 for every coin that hits the enemy, and a bonus Talisman for the last if the enemy has 3 or more Rupture.

Though again, like above, it's difficult to get and maintain Rupture above those levels so don't rely on the bonus effect too much.

Rupturing Talisman

Skill 3: While this Lust skill does not have as many coins as Sinclair's skill 2, its clash prowess is far, far better.

It also has an interesting effect: If Sinclair has 5 Talisman, he will give all of it to an enemy with this skill and also inflict Rupture Count with his second skill if they have Talisman.

Seems pretty good, if not for the fact that Sinclair needs exactly 5 Talisman as if he goes beyond that, he just purges them all and takes damage. Getting exactly 5 Talisman can be difficult, as him using his skill 2 twice just gives him 6 Talisman.

Despite the difficulties of activating said skill's effects, it's worth it for the clash prowess alone.

Defense (Guard, Block): A Block skill that starts off with decent 8 base power, while adding +5 for its single coin. It also gives Sinclair an additional 1 Talisman when used. Helpful when building up Talisman for his skill 3.

Passive (Unfixing Talismans, 3 Resonance Gluttony): ”On hit, if the target had Rupture, gain 1 Talisman.”

A passive that capitalizes on giving Sinclair Talisman but needs a team focused around Rupture to make work. It also needs Gluttony Resonance, making it a bit inconvenient to activate.

Support (Wishing Talisman, 4 Resonance Gluttony): “At the start of the combat phase, give (Highest Reson. * 2) Talisman to the ally with the most HP.“

A way to utilize Talisman even without bringing Sinclair in battle for Rupture teams, but the difficulty lies in being able to activate it in the first place, as it costs a hefty price of 4 Gluttony and needs Resonance at that.


  • Good skills for clashing.
  • Decent Rupture support.
  • Talisman is a great status effect on both Sinclair and opponents afflicted with it for Rupture.


  • Due to how Talisman works, it is very difficult to strike the sweet spot of 5 and not accidentally go over to make Sinclair purge it all and damage himself.

Potential Sinner Synergies

Outis - Seven Association South Section 6 Director,Gregor - Rosespanner Workshop Fixer,Gregor - G Corp. Manager Corporal,Ishmael - LCCB Assistant Manager,Faust - Lobotomy Corp. Remnant,Hong Lu - K Corp. Class 3 Excision Staff


Red Sheet Sinclair is interesting as the gimmick of his skills revolve around his application of Talisman on both himself and his enemies to inflict Rupture whenever enemies get hit.

But first off, his clashing. The clash prowess of his skills look good overall: while his skill 1 only has a single coin and 10 power total, his skill 2 and skill 3 are quite powerful, sporting multiple coins and high total power respectively, making him a great clasher at higher SP levels.

Now, as for his gimmick, it seems good enough on paper, but there's a big problem. He needs 5 Talisman on himself to make use of the effects of his skill 3. Less and you don't get to use its effects. More and it just ends up causing Sinclair to purge them all and damage himself. You need to hit that sweet spot of using his skill 2, his Defense skill, his skill 1, and his passive to somehow get 5 Talismans without going over it.

Micromanagement in getting the right amount of Talisman aside, he is still a solid Rupture support, as he can help inflict Rupture according to the amount of Talisman he currently has.

All in all, a decent Identity with good clashing but difficult gimmicks to utilize.