Lobotomy E.G.O::Sloshing Ishmael – Analysis

Ishmael gets a Lobotomy Corporation EGO Identity and it's... Tremor-focused too? It seems that she's like an alternative to LCCB Ishmael in terms of Tremor, but the question is whether or not she's worth it.

It’s Heavy…!

Skill 1: A single-coin Gloom skill that inflicts Tremor. It's not a lot of Tremor either, unfortunately.

Its base power is okay, and getting to flip heads gives it decent clashing prowess, but since this is just a single-coin skill, it's a bit underwhelming and potentially risky to use in clashes too, especially at lower SP levels.

It’s Churning…!

Skill 2: Two coins and Wrath. Better and more consistent than her skill 1, which makes it a nice option for clashing with when at low SP and building it up.

It also inflicts Tremor but like her skill 1, it's not really a whole lot of Tremor.

Corrosive Splash

Skill 3: A single coin skill 3 means it has decent base power with really high bonus power on its single heads flip. It's not as good as her skill 2 in clashes for building up SP early on, but it is unlikely to lose clashes at high SP levels.

It has an on-hit effect of bursting Tremor, but it also reduces the Tremor Count by 4, which is... a bit overkill. It does inflict 5 Rupture afterwards, but it's not a good replacement for the lost Tremor stacks.

Defense (Guard, Block): A Block skill that starts off with a high 12 base power, while adding +5 for its single coin. Nothing more noteworthy other than that.

Passive (Filling Fluid, 3 Owned Gloom): ”If this unit fails to deal HP damage using attack skills in a turn, gain a shield equal to 5% of Max HP next turn.”

It's a passive meant to make her good for tanking, which is... not really good since it doesn't synergize with her supposed role in the team at all.

Oh, and it doesn't activate if Ishmael only uses Defense skills. It only activates if she fail to deal HP damage with her skills, whether it's due to an opponent evading or Ishmael losing a clash.

It gives her a bit of leeway if she loses a clash, but not much, and it shouldn't be relied on heavily.

Support (Corrosive Slime, 4 Owned Gloom): “When 1 ally with the highest Speed bursts Tremor, they inflict 2 Rupture.“

Probably the best thing Sloshing Ishmael can offer, as it manages to support Tremor teams by having them inflict Rupture.


  • Has a decent Support Passive for Tremor teams.
  • Strong skill 3, especially at higher SP levels.


  • Skills have very few coins attached to them.
  • Weak Tremor Inflictor.
  • The cost of bursting Tremor and lowering its Count by 4 far outweighs the benefits of inflicting 5 Rupture.

Potential Sinner Synergies

Don Quixote - N Corp. Mittelhammer,Meursault - Rosespanner Workshop Fixer,Rodion - Rosespanner Workshop Rep,Gregor - Rosespanner Workshop Fixer


Kinda sad for a Tremor Identity.

First, the elephant in the room. Her overall coin count sucks. Two of her skills have single coins, and only one of them has more than one coin... which is two instead. At least the overall power of said coin skills are okay, especially her skill 3.

Next, as a Tremor inflictor, she's not not all that better either. Her skill 1 and 2 inflict poor amounts of Tremor. Her skill 3 outright contradicts her role, since it bursts Tremor and removes 4 Count, the highest in the game, all to inflict a measly 5 Rupture.

Her passive turns her into a tank which is so-so at best, probably to make up for the fact that she'll have difficulty winning clashes early on since she has a lot of single-coin skills.

Honestly, if you're looking for a Tremor inflictor, just use LCCB Ishmael instead if you have her. She's way better at her job than Sloshing Ishmael.

Overall, sadly a disappointing Identity. She's not completely unusable at least in terms of clash prowess thanks to being able to roll high when at higher SP levels, but she's not doing anything more notable than that.