Notice: Identified an Issue where the RR3 Record Displays 0 Total Turns

Hello, this is Project Moon.

We have identified and corrected an issue where the Refraction Railway 3 Combat Encounter Clear Turns displays '0 Clear Turns'.

[b]The error in the game server logic was fixed on Feb. 2nd at 2:30 (KST), and the fix has been applied without updating the app.[/b]

This issue occurred because the Refraction Railway Clear Records were abnormally saved, and reflected the incorrect value (0) on the in-game UI.
We still have the logs of your actual Clear Records, so affected accounts' Turn Counts and records displayed on decorative Banners will be changed to reflect the actual Clear Records.

Please refer to the information below for more details.

- Refraction Railway Line 3 Combat Encounter Clear Record displays 0 Total Turns
- Upon clearing the Terminus, the 0 turn Clear Record is displayed on the obtained decorative Banners.

- Rarely, upon entering the Rest Stations, the incorrect Combat Encounter IDs were sent to the servers, which meant that '0 Total Turns' record was displayed instead

- Validation test logic added
- Preventative measure added: If a similar issue occurs, the server error code will be displayed

Future Measures
- The actual Clear Total Turns is still saved in the logs
- We will verify the logs of each affected account and reflect the actual Clear Total Turns to displays and decorative Banners

We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience.


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