Notice: Feb. 22nd Scheduled Update Error Fix

[Notice: Feb. 22nd Scheduled Update Error Fix]

Hello, this is Project Moon.

4 pressing issues among the issues we have identified after the Feb. 22nd Scheduled Update have been fixed, and the fix has been uploaded to the respective stores at 10:30 (KST).

Please download the update from the respective stores. Once the game has been updated, the bottom right side of the Title screen should say 'Version 1.38.1'.

Please Note that Version 1.38.0 will no longer be accessible after 18:00 (KST).

※ Please note that update download may become available at different periods depending on your location & device. If you cannot see the update in your stores, please try again later.

[Fixed Issues]
▶ An issue where, in Canto 4 or 5, completing only the stages of Part 1 & Part 2(of each Canto) blocked certain Stages from being playable.
▶ Blade Lineage Mentor Meursault - Swordplay of the Homeland/In Memoriam(Buff) Error
▶ Blade Lineage Mentor Meursault - Swordplay of the Homeland(Passive) Error
▶ An issue where, in certain Android devices, Combat Encounter graphics do not render properly

We sincerely apologize for causing a disturbance to your enjoyment of our game.


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