Notice: Game Soft-locking Issue Identified

Hello, this is Project Moon.

We have identified an issue after Feb. 1st Scheduled Update where, in certain Focused Encounters, the game would soft-lock.
The cause of this issue has been identified, and we are currently developing a fix to this issue.

[b]Steam will be updated as soon as it is fixed,
but iOS and Android platforms require our builds to be reviewed; it will take some time for the review process to be completed.
We will notify you via an additional notice as soon as we have fixed the issue.

[b]Affected Stages[/b]
- Final Boss Encounter of 4-54
- Fairy-Long-Legs Encounter of Mirror Dungeons & Thread Luxcavations

- A pre-existing logic was incorrectly adjusted in the process of developing a method to make the Observation Level progress shared across different instances of encounters (For Refraction Railway Line 3)

- Fix the logic that's causing the soft-lock
- Deploy the fixed version (1.36.2) on Steam as soon as it is available

[b]Future Measures[/b]
- We will make sure that new systems won't affect previous game functions by creating new logic instead of adjusting pre-existing logic

We sincerely apologize for this inconvenience.


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