Notice: Clash VFX Issue Identified

[Notice: Clash VFX Issue Identified]

This is Project Moon.

We have identified an issue where the weapon trail vfx does not appear as intended in clashes.
Below are more detailed explanations of this issue.

- Heads Coinflip vfx plays in clashes regardless of whether the Coins land on Heads or Tails

- Before Lobotomy E.G.O::Magic Bullet Outis' release, Clashes used to play only the Tails vfx regardless of whether the Clash Coins landed on Heads or Tails
- As we were working on Lobotomy E.G.O::Magic Bullet Outis, an unintended change occurred where the Tails-only vfx now showed Heads-only vfx instead

Planned Fix
- We will adjust the in-game Clash vfx logic to play Heads Coinflip vfx when Clash Coins flip Heads, and Tails Coinflip vfx when Clash Coins flip Tails.

Fix Deployment Period
- After Feb. 8th 12:00 (KST) Scheduled Maintenance (With the new Client version)

We apologize for causing inconvenience to your enjoyment of our game.


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