Additional Issues identified post Dec. 14th Update; Error Fix ETA

Hello, this is Project Moon.

After the Dec. 14th, 12:00 (KST) Scheduled Update, we have identified the following issues. We are currently investigating and fixing the issues.

[Can be corrected via Hotfix - ETA 3 Hours]
- An issue where entering Mirror Dungeon #3 Floor 3 Boss room would sometimes soft-lock the game, making it impossible to progress
- An issue where the music for a certain Mirror Dungeon #3 encounter does not play

[Cannot be corrected via Hotfix - Requires client build & review]
- An issue where Identities could not be deployed after selecting Support units

[Additional issue currently under investigation]
- An issue where, upon clearing a certain Canto IV Story Dungeon Encounter, a server error (Error code 75221) would occur

We will post another notice with details regarding the error fixes and hotfixes.
We apologize for these issues that prevent you from playing our new content.

[Regarding difficulty & Play experience]

We are constantly collecting Mirror Dungeon #3's difficulty data such as average clear time.
We are also taking into account your opinions and feedback. We are conducting an internal discussion and tests to optimize the experience.


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