Notice of Delayed Release for Don Quixote’s Telepole E.G.O

Greetings, Dear Manager.

The release of the E.G.0 [Telepole] for Don Quixote, originally planned to take place this Thursday, has been postponed due to unexpected issues with implementing its passive ability.

We expect to add it to the Extraction catalogue on April 1st, 0:00 (KST). We would like to apologize to all our Executive Managers who had made plans to utilize this new asset.

As compensation for the sudden change in schedule, we are planning to provide a small recompense to all users.

Please refer below for more details.

Content: Lunacy x300

Date: Around the Mar 23 (KST) scheduled update

  • Can be redeemed once per account
  • You can claim the item through the in-game mail system until 2023
  • Mar 30 09:59 (KST). (Mail Validity Period: 7 days)