Cinq Association South Section 5 Director Don Quixote – Analysis

Skills Overview


Skill 1: A solid Lust skill with decent power as is with a maximum power of 10, but becomes even better with the coin boost effect active, hitting 14, which is great especially since skill 1s tend to have quite unimpressive power overall.

At higher uptie levels, she gives herself Haste if she wins clashes with it, which can help in boosting her chances in taking advantage of the coin power boost that her skill 1 has. She can also inflict Bind with it, supporting the activation of her passive's effects.


Skill 2: A Gloom skill that gives Cinq Don Haste when used. Another skill that can be used to help bolster the chances of her activating her skill 1's extra coin power effects, but not quite enough to reach that 10 maximum speed of her skill 3. It also inflicts Bind like her skill 1.

One unique aspect of it is that the skill itself deals more damage the the higher the clash count the skill partakes in, meaning that the longer a clash goes on against an enemy, the higher damage the skill itself deals, until it reaches the cap of said damage boost at least.


Skill 3: Cinq Don's strongest skill. The fact that it can hit 18 maximum power as is is already pretty good, but she can hit 24 at its absolute best, assuming you can reach the 10 minimum speed required to give Cinq Don's coins the power she needs to reach that level. On her own though, it's not happening unless doing a solo run with her, so she'll really need allies that can buff her with Haste, like with her skill 1. However, it's more important here because unlike her skill 1, it's nearly impossible for her to reach 10 speed naturally especially if she only has 1 skill slot to use.

For her other skill's effects, she has the unique skill Declared Duel that gives her clash power boost against an enemy she declared a duel against and gives herself Haste for winning clashes against them, which synergizes well with her skill 1 and skill 3's effects. It also has an on kill effect of healing her SP, but unless SP is an issue such as with dealing with enemies that inflct Sinking, it's not a major bonus.

Liker her skill 2, her skill 3 deals more damage based on the clash count, but the effects here are much stronger overall.

Defense (Défensive, Evade): "[On Evade] Target loses 3 SP"

A decent Evade skill. It becomes a Pride skill at uptie IV. Its effect is a nice bonus but only works on enemies with SP gauges, so don't rely on the effect too much.

Passive (A Noble Duel, 3 Resonance Pride): ”If Speed of all allies is higher than Speed of all enemies, this unit deals more damage based on the Speed difference between it and the slowest enemy. (+6% per 1 point of difference, Max 30%)”

A potent, if somewhat difficult passive to activate, as it has multiple requirements. First off, it wants 3 Pride Resonance. While Cinq Don has a Pride skill in the form of her skill 3, skill 3 are rare to come by, and may need allies who have more Pride skills under their belt.

Next, it wants every enemy to have lower speed values than allies, which is easier said than done, due to every ally having varying maximum and minimum speeds. This can be made easier by having allies that give Haste buffs either to themselves or other allies, such as as Yi Sang with his Crow's Eye View EGO giving every ally Haste. Bind also works since it reduces the speed of enemies.

As you might expect, this passive is easier to activate the fewer enemies there are.

Support (Dueling Request, 3 Resonance Pride): “If Speed of all allies is higher than Speed of all enemies, the fastest ally deals more damage based on the Speed difference between it and the slowest enemy. (+3% per 1 point of difference, Max 15%)“

This is essentially the same as Cinq Don's passive but with a weaker damage buff, so look at the above if you want to take advantage of this support passive's effects.


  • Declared Duel effect gives her a unique role of targeting against a specific enemy that this status effect is declared against.
  • Great coins and coin power overall, but made even better if she has enough Haste to boost the power of her skill 1 and skill 3.
  • Passive combined with her skill 1 and 2 inflicting Bind means that it is much easier to activate and deal more damage with.


  • Doesn't apply much Haste to herself with her skills unless soloing, and thus requires support from allies that give Haste to consistently activate the coin boost bonus from her skill 1 and skill 3.
  • Needs to be Uptie IV to have the added benefits of inflicting Bind on her attacks to make her Passive more consistent.

Potential Sinner Synergies


Cinq Don is our first introduction to the Cinq Association in the PM universe. As expected from their lore tidbits, their main specialty is duels, which can be seen in their unique status effect Declared Duel and Don having skills that increase her damage dealt according to the clash count she has with an enemy.

Cinq Don's gimmicks operate based on her speed. While her base speed is decent as is (4-7), she can't exactly consistently activate the coin boost of her skill 1 (7 speed minimum), much less even activate the coin boost of her skill 3 (10 speed minimum) without outside help. She can and does give herself Haste from her skill 1 and skill 2's effects, but they're frankly not enough to get her skill 3 to activate on their own, meaning that she will need outside help from her allies. Yi Sang's Crow's Eye View EGO is an easy choice, as everyone has him and his Base EGO. This EGO will give Cinq Don 2 Haste, which, compounded with her skill 1 or skill 2's effects, gives her enough of a boost to actually have a chance of activating her skill 3's coin boost in the first place.

Her passive and support passive functions in a similar manner, but instead of just Don having high speed, her allies need to have high speed as well. If everyone in her team outspeeds all enemies, Don herself gets a damage boost (if she's on the battlefield) or the fastest ally gets a damage boost (if she's on Support duty). Don's skills inflicting Bind makes this easier to do, and it is also simpler to activate when fighting against a single enemy rather than multiple.

All in all, Cinq Don is a solid Identity in most aspects. She has two coins for all her skills, all of them have decent clash prowess, some of these skills can get even stronger if she has enough speed, she can apply Haste to herself while debuffing enemy speed by inflicing Bind to activate her passive while give allies more wiggle room at the same time in redirecting attacks if needed, and she can even deal more damage according to the clash count she has against a single foe for her skill 2 and skill 3's effects. Her only weakness is needing an ally or two to support her in giving her and her allies Haste to activate her skill 3 and her passive more consistently.