Mittelhammer Rodion is a solid Bleed inflictor to support Bleed team compositions.

Skills Review

Devoted Hammering

Skill 1 (Devoted Hammering, Pierce): Being a skill that has two additional coins (+4 power per Heads hit) to boost its power while also inflicting 1 Bleed per coin on hit makes this skill a decent pick for clashes while also inflicting Bleed on enemies. However, the base power of this skill without getting heads flips on any coin tosses is 3, making it difficult to rely on its base power to brute force hard-hitting clashes. It is not recommended to rely on this skill to win clashes if Mittelhammer Rodion has low sanity.Zealous Purge

Zealous Purge

Skill 2 (Zealous Purge, Blunt): This skill also has two additional coins and starts off at a higher base power of 6. However, its coin tosses are weaker in comparison to her first skill, only giving +2 power per heads hit.

This skill’s importance lies in the effects it has. Winning a clash with it grants Mittelhammer Rodion Fanatic on the next turn, a status effect that increases her skill’s final power against a target with Nails.

It has two ‘On Hit’ effects: The first coin inflicts Nails while the second inflicts Paralysis, a powerful status effect that reduces the value of one coin of an enemy to 0.Ironclad Retribution

Ironclad Retribution

Skill 3 (Ironclad Retribution, Blunt): Mittelhammer Rodion’s bread and butter. This skill automatically grants a 15% damage boost when she has Fanatic. While the base power of the skill is low (4) and a heads flip per coin toss provides a meager boost (+2 per heads flip), she has a whopping four coins to go through, making it really good for clashing, especially against enemies that already have Nails if she has Fanatic active. As a bonus, her third and fourth coin flips inflict 1 and 2 Bleed respectively if they hit heads.

Defense (Counter): Not much to say. Counter isn’t that good of a skill at the moment when it comes to defending, but it can be used as an option if you’re looking to instead tank a hit that you don’t think you can win via a clash. It has a base power of 6 with +4 added to hit on a heads flip for its single coin.

Passive: A decent passive with a 3 Wrath cost. The Damage Up and Haste boost is meant to keep the momentum of dealing more damage, but requires killing an enemy on the same turn the passive is activated. Gaining Fanatic with it is also possible, but not one you should rely on as it requires Mittelhammer Rodion to land the killing blow on an enemy.

Support: Mittelhammer Rodion’s Support Passive can support allies by giving Damage Up and Haste to an ally with the highest SP if you have a team composition that can get around the 3 Wrath cost. A solid pick for Rodion’s slot on the team when Uptied to III.


  • Has great team utility in inflicting Bleed and Paralysis
  • Can potentially deal a tremendous amount of damage with her third skill especially when Fanatic is active.
  • A good number of her skill effects are ‘On Hit’ skills, not requiring her to win clashes or hit heads to inflict status effects.
  • A decent clasher, especially with her third skill that has four coins to go through.


  • Requires setting up to give herself Fanatic and an enemy Nails to truly shine.
  • Has difficulty sustaining her own Base EGO, [What is Cast], which is Bleed oriented.

Potential Sinner Synergies

Meursault - N Corp. Großhammer,Sinclair - Blade Lineage Salsu,Ryōshū - Kurokumo Wakashu


Mittelhammer Rodion is a solid Bleed inflictor to support Bleed team compositions, but becomes even better herself when paired with fellow N Corp. Sinners such as Großhammer Meursault thanks to Fanatic boosting her skill power against enemies with Nails. Even without other N Corp. Sinners, she is perfectly capable of inflicting Nails on her own thanks to her second skill.

She does require some time to set up, as she won’t have Fanatic when the battle begins while also needing to win clashes with her second skill to get it up, but she becomes a tremendous asset on her own once she gets going.

One of her biggest downsides is that she can’t activate her base EGO alone due to the distribution of sins on her skills and will require assistance from other Sinners to do so, which is a shame as her base EGO supplements Bleed compositions even more.

Overall, a really solid Identity. Run alongside Großhammer Meursault for best results.