Großhammer Meursault is a solid pick-up as a tank that can be used as a standalone character or in Bleed team.

Skill Review


Skill 1 (Drive): Has a strong effect lowering his stagger threshold by 60%. Unfortunately, it is tied to a weak total power with a base of (5) and two additional coins (+1 per Head hit). It is recommended to use this skill when the outcome is Unopposed, as it can be difficult to win a clash with its low base/total power.

You Are Cleansed of Sin

Skill 2 (You Are Cleansed of Sin): This skill allows Großhammer Meursault to be viable in Bleed teams, as the nails applied on the enemy are converted into Bleed stacks. It also has a solid total power with a base of (6) and two additional coins (+3 per Heads Hit), 

Another important note about Nails is that although it applies 3 stacks of Nails, at the start of the next turn Nail stacks are rounded down. For example: 3 stacks will turn into 1 stack the next round (it gets halved to 1.5 and then rounded down to 1)

Enemy being inflicted with 3 nails during combat phase
Nails being rounded down the turn after

This skill also has two additional effects tied to an On Hit effect, the first of which inflicts Bind (Speed decreases count for one turn) to an enemy. The latter inflicts 2 Bind and 1 Attack Power Down if the enemy has (5+) Nail stacks. The problem with the second effect is that it is difficult to apply/maintain (5) stacks of Nails with the current playable IDs.

Annihilate Heretics

Skill 3 (Annihilate Heretics): Provides self-sustain by healing Großhammer Meursault equal to 50% of the damage dealt by this skill. It also has a solid total power with a base of (8) and with two additional coins (+3 per Heads hit). 

This skill is also able to inflict (2) stacks of Nails On Hit.

Defense (Counter): An important note with Großhammer Meursault’s Defense skill is that its effects (Protection) trigger when Combat Starts and not On Hit, this means the effects will last for the entire turn. It also has a high total power of a base of (15) and one additional coin (-5 on Heads hit).

If Großhammer Meursault is below 50% HP, Final Power is increased by (2) to a total power of 17 or 12 (If coin lands at heads).

Passive (Obsessive Hammer): While applying Fanatic, Attack Power Up, Protection, and removing one negative status effect is a great effect; it, unfortunately, requires having to be below 50% hp and (4) Wrath in the chain, which makes the passive situational and hard to trigger.

Support (Highest Honor): Applying Protection, Attack Power Up, and Fanatic (N Corp. only)  to the ally with the lowest HP tied to a (3) Wrath activation. Overall a solid effect that provides a good mix of offensive and defensive utility.

Note: Support skills only trigger when a character is not in combat/benched.


  • Has great team utility with his Support skill and inflicting Nails
  • Synergizes with Bleed teams (Nails are converted into Bleed)
  • Can be used as a standalone character 
  • Tanky, Has 2 stagger bars with a high HP stat


  • Low base/total power on skills



Ryōshū - Kurokumo Wakashu,Sinclair - Blade Lineage Salsu,Rodion - N Corp. Mittelhammer,Kurokumo Wakashu - Hong Lu

Some notable team synergies are with N Corp. Mittelhammer Rodion, as both IDs can inflict Nails and take advantage of Fanatic buff. 

Both Kurokumo Wakashu-Ryoshu and Blade Lineage Salsu-Sinclair can be used as bleed supports. However, Kurokumo Wakashu-Ryoshu stands out as she is able to increase both Bleed stacks and Count.

Kurokumo Wakashu-Hong Lu may also be considered as an option when building a Bleed team. However, there is some anti-synergy with Kurokumo Wakashu-Hong Lu Skill 2 (Cloud Cutter).


Recommended EGO: Pursuance

Großhammer Meursault also has great synergy with his gacha EGO (Pursuance), as he can generate both Sloth (Skill 1) and Pride (Skill 3) to help fulfill its cost requirements. He can also use his base EGO (Chain of Others) due to having Sloth in his Skill 1.